Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

Abacha, also referred to as African salad is a traditional Igbo meal of eastern Nigeria, abacha which originated from Enugu is made from cassava. Abacha can be served as an appetizer or main meal, it is mostly used to welcome visitor before serving them the main meal. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways depending on the community you visit or the home you visited. No event happens in Enugu without Abacha in the menu. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways and its best served with fresh palm wine. See other popular Igbo dishes.

Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

Recipe for Abacha. This recipe differs depending on the type of Abacha you choose to prepare, but for this method, below are all you then for a mouth watering dish of Abacha “African salad”

  • Abacha
  • Palm oil
  • Ugba
  • Fried Pepper
  • Ehuru
  • Kpomo
  • Fried fish
  • Akwukwo Anyara (garden egg leaf)
  • Mkpuru Anyara (Garden Egg)
  • Onion
  • Small garden eggs
  • Salt
  • knorr Seasoning

Procedure for preparing Abacha.
Soak the Abacha in hot water for a while but avoid it being too soft, this is only if you are using dried Abacha, but for this pattern of Abacha, its ideal to use the dried one instead of the fresh Abacha.

After the Abacha must have softened, put it in a sieve and allow the water drain, then put the Abacha in a pot or bowl.

after you must have readied your ingredients, Add your Fried Pepper or any form of pepper at all, Salt, Seasoning(knorr), Ehuru(Calabash Nutmeg) , Onions, and then Palm Oil depending on the amount of Abacha your are preparing.

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Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

After that turn(steer) it very well for the ingredients to mix. Taste to make sure everything is okey, and if it is, then your Abacha is ready. This is just one out of the many ways of preparing Abacha.

Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

To garnish your Abacha.
You have to prepare the ugba, kpomo and fry your fish.

steam your kpomo with cube of seasoning and a little salt, when its soft, remove the kpomo, keep it aside, then add your ugba and steam for a while, then add salt, pepper and a little Seasoning. When it steams add back the kpomo and steer it, afterwards, bring it down and separate the kpomo and Ugba if you want.
You can be doing that while you Fry your fish.

Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

When you are done, Cut some garden egg leaf into tiny pieces and, slice your onion and garden egg, after that, you can just dish your Abacha.

Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.
Final process. Abacha is ready.


Igbo Dish, How to prepare Abacha.

Quite easy right? Ever tasted or prepared Abacha or any Igbo meal before? Did you make some modifications of your own? Share with us your thought via comments below.

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