Kim’s Restaurant, Abuja Review


I just did a reel about Kimsrestaurant2020 so you can check my previous posts but let’s talk about the food ??‍♂️

Its really hard to pick a favorite because all the dishes were hits back to back. From the food presentation alone, it’s evident that the chefs know what they are doing. They have Nigerian and French Chefs so go figure.

Grilled Line Fish-N5000
Salmon Fish- N7000
Seafood Okro- N6000
Honey Mustard Chicken- N4500
Jumbo Prawns-N6500
Penne Arabatia- N2500
Steak -N3500
All soups- N2000

For starters we had four different types of soup. I would recommend the creamy mushroom soup. That was my favorite.

The Salmon Fish was really one of my favorites. It was so tasty and delicious. Salmon to me tastes better than other fish and the chefs here nailed the delicate flavored taste.

The honey mustard chicken was a hit for all of us. The coating of the sweet honey and the spices they mixed with the mustard base on the well seasoned chicken was fantastic.

The jumbo shrimp was also well seasoned and they nailed the texture. It wasn’t undercooked or over cooked at all as chefs usually make that error.

The mashed potatoes were very soft with a rich buttery taste and when combined with the gravy …heaven!


I felt something was missing in the Penne Arabatia as I’ve had several but the chefs explained how they made it at the end of the food tasting and we understood the taste they were going for. It’s really not your average Penne Arabatia.

All the deserts were hits. I enjoyed all of them thoroughly.

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Have you been to Kim’s restaurant? Let us know what you think when you visit.

Review By: Hotperidot



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