Little Known Magical islands along Kenya’s coast

It is no longer news that the black nation of Kenya is a home of natural beauty which has earned it the title of ‘Africa’s third most beautiful country after Botswana and Morocco’. However, along its coast lies more magic than has ever been seen “upcountry”. Kenya’s coast is no doubt a perfect getaway destination for travel and tour lovers.
let’s explore the little known magical Islands along Kenya’s coast:

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1. Pate Island
2. Kiwayu Island
3. Manda Toto Island
4. Chale Island
5. Manda Island

Written By: Ani Michael. C

1. Pate Island
Completely surrounded by mangroves, Pate Island is a tranquil island of green brush, silver tidal flats, and coconut trees, bisected by red dirt tracks. The island belongs to the Indian Ocean close to the northern coast of Kenya. Despite being the largest island in the Lamu Archipelago, which lies between the towns of Lamu and Kiunga in the former coast province, you can walk over Pate Island in about seven hours (excluding lots of stops and greet time with locals).

Little Known Magical islands along Kenya’s coast

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2. Kiwayu Island
To the north of Lamu, Manda and Pate Islands lies Kiwayu Island. The island itself is situated within the protected Kiunga Marine Reserve; the area is home to dolphins and sea turtles. Whales and the timid, endangered sea mammal, the dugong happens to share this home too. On the southern end of the island lies the Kiwayu village while the Mokokoni village lies on the mainland, just across from the northern end of the island.

Little Known Magical islands along Kenya’s coast

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3. Manda Toto Island
Looking for nature, dream beaches and complete solitude? Manda Toto, a small offshore island of the Manda Island is just where to be. Manda Toto, literally meaning “Child of Manda” is a paradise of unspoilt nature. Just like the main island of Manda, there is no freshwater on Manda Toto. This, of course, means that you have to bring your own food and water. On both sides of the small Island, you will find dream beaches which are especially spacious at low tides. Although the trip is not cheap because of the high petrol prices on the Lamu archipelago, Manda Bay can be reached by boat from Lamu, however, the journey is worth the while as it passes through the Mangrove forests which are the natural habitat for many different kinds of animals.

Manda Toto Island

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4. Manda Island
Manda Island is really not different from Manda Toto Island, they are just like mother and child.
Practically within shouting distance of the Lamu town, Manda is a quiet lattice of dune and
mangroves a short hop and jump across from Shela. It is the site of the main airstrip on the islands, and the location of the old ruined town of Takwa, aside from the allure of the pristine beach. On the north side of the Island is the fabulous Manda Bay Lodge.

Little Known Magical islands along Kenya’s coast

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5. Chale Island
Chale Island, a diverse mixture of indigenous and tropical Flora that attracts a wide variety of fascinating insect and primate life, is a stunning white beach fringed by coral reefs and a tidal saltwater lake surrounded by a mangrove forest. Located at the northern end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County in southeastern Kenya. The Island is also known as a sacred Kaya (worshipping place).

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