Mogadishu Barracks: Most Popular Fish Place in Abuja

MOGADISHU BARRACKS ( also known as Abacha Barracks).

This is the most popular fish place in Abuja. Mogadishu barracks popularly known as Abacha barracks is located on the the foot hill of Asokoro , A cluster of shanty stalls with the highest number of fish vendors.

I have visited this “mami market” over the years but never chronicled it till recently. prices are very good though this depends on your bargain power. I visited with my husband and friend. We had;

3 Croacker fishes at 2200 naira each

French fries…. Scratch that! Chips at 500 naira per portion.

Beer 500 (depending on your brand).

Mogadishu Barracks: Most Popular Fish Place in Abuja

I always enjoy their croaker fish and this day was no exception. The fish sellers are very cordial though the competition is usually very high when the spot a potential customer. Our host “ Mama Calabar” was such a vibe, she danced with me all through.

Abacha barracks is definitely for fun seekers, tourists or people looking for great fish or pepper soup. The market is very lively during the weekends and in the evenings. It is safe.

What I find intrigueig is the number of caucasians that visit here, they’re usually more than we the natives. Quite impressive.

Have you visited Mogadishu barracks? What was your experience??

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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