Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja


Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

Greenchillisteakhouse is an affordable restaurant located in Kado. I stumbled on this place while in the area and stopped by yesterday to try out the food with Waka_waka_nnenna

Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

Shi Shi Minute Steak with Mashed Potatoes N3,500
Chicken Salad N2,500
Peppered Croaker Fish with Fried Rice N3,500
Chinese Stir-fry Noodles N2,500
Flat Bread & Hummus N1,500
Chicken Shawarma N2,000 (not pictured)
Chapman N1,000

Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

The Steak and Salad were top favorites. Honestly when I saw the price of the steak, I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. The steak was worth it! It was served with a sauce over it, which made it look like soup. The meat was tender and well spiced, you could see the sear on it, amazing! The mashed potatoes served alongside was very creamy.

The Chicken Salad is definitely something I’ll be coming back for! The salad was rich, it came with croutons and the chicken was well seasoned, the chicken on its own would make sense! The salad dressing also took the salad to another level!

The croaker fish was very tasty, it came with 4 pieces of fish and a side of fried rice. The fish was well fried, and the sauce served with very sweet and spicy. This definitely elevated the fried rice which was just okay. I did however love the abundance of fresh veggies in the rice.

Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

The hummus and flat bread was one of my least favorites, now I liked the bread, however it could have been a bit thinner. Also the Chinese fried noodles(pasta) was a little bit over cooked, I did enjoy the veggies and chicken in the dish. As for the sharwarma it was okay, almost great but then there was an off taste that I couldn’t place. It had a lot of garlic, how I prefer my sharwarma.

The Chapman was quite nice, this restaurant doesn’t have a wide range of drink options btw. Overall, the food was good and affordable. I definitely recommend the steak, salad and croaker fish.

Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

The space is clean & cozy for dinning in. The green decor is very on-brand . Our attendant Felicity was very pleasant. We also met the owner who was very welcoming, she smiled a lot too.

LOCATION: Tatti Plaza, Kado Estate from Mon – Sat 10am to 5pm

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