The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

Weekend trips from Delhi offer a welcome break from city life. Delhi, India’s capital, is busy, but it’s quick pace might make residents want to escape. the Taj Mahal was made and designed in such a tricky way that if one is seeing the Taj Mahal from behind the main gate it would look big in size. But as one advances towards the main gate automatically it contracts in size. It was not the first time when Mughal architecture used such mind blowing tricks. 


Agra is a famous tourist place in India. It is famous for its architecture , forts and historical sites. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and many other places are there which you can visit. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Jaipur also has histories in making jewellery with traditions that date back centuries, particularly in silver gold and semi-precious stones from Rajasthan. There are tons of jewellery and even some artwork with inlaid gemstones. At the centre of the city there is one of the most famous Hindu temples of Jaipur which opens at 5 pm. The temple is Thikana Mandir Shri Govinddev Ji.  This temple was built in the 18th century in dedication to a manifestation of Krishna, a major deity in Hinduism. Visitors are welcomed here to explore some best examples of Indian Heritage architecture and artwork in Jaipur.

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

Leh Ladakh:

If you want to do this road trip on rented bikes, you can rent from Delhi, Manali or chandigarh. And the tariff of the rented bikes vary from 1000 to 1500 and it depends on you which bike you want to choose for the trip. From Sarchu after two to three hours of driving you will finally reach Nakeela pass. You can plan a Manali to Leh road trip around 10 days in which reaching Manali to Leh will take two days.After 32 km of journey from Baralacha La pass you will reach Sarchu which is the border between the Union territory Ladakh and Himachal where you have to register your vehicle number and mention the number of people you enter. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Triund is the trek near McleodGanj which is near Dharamshala. From Dharamshala to McleodGanj it is about 10 km approximately. Bhagsunag waterfalls is also a separate attraction of McleodGanj and from there one can reach Triund. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi


Rishikesh is a very wonderful place. People visit Rishikesh for three major reasons: rafting, yoga and spirituality. There are so many other experiences and places to visit here. Besides rafting you can also experience adventure activities there like bungee jumping and also can do camping. Rafting in Rishikesh is possible between mid-september and June until the monsoon arrives. The best time to do this however would be before and after winter months. If we talk about camping then at a distance of 25 km from Rishikesh there is a village named Mohan Chatti, there are plenty of campsites which provide you tents and cottages to stay along with some meals. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Most of the monasteries are located in remote areas away from crowded areas or away from villages and especially cities. The monks who study in the monastery and practice meditation have an idea about which atmosphere will be best for them. So, according to that they choose such remote locations which are away from crowded and noisy areas. If you practise in that place then you can calmly meditate without any disturbance and your meditation will be successful. Key monastery is located at an altitude of around 13000 feet and it is really a town in itself. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi


Manali is situated in Himachal pradesh and is a very famous tourist place in India as well as in the whole world. Manali is situated in the lap of ferocious himalayas and the town is known for its extraordinary views and amazing adventure. Every year lakhs of tourists visit this place with family, friends and also for excursions. Manali is rich in its traditional culture which attracts the tourists mostly. 

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Dehradun is the capital city situated in the state of Uttarakhand which is in northern India. In the 60’s after bombay and delhi only dehradun used to organise Cabret. In  1901 Dehradun population was 24039. Dehradun is the only state of India having Sanskrit as official language but not in use.

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Mathura is situated in Uttar Pradesh. In Mathura there are many places to visit, especially forts. Kans fort was demolished by the Mughals and by the foreigners and was built several times. This fort which is presently as Kans fort was built by Raja Man Singh in the sixteenth century. Even today you will see a glimpse of both hindu architecture and mughal architect.

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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Barsana is also a beautiful city which you can visit from Delhi. It is also a very wonderful city and it is famous for its religious places. There you will find a big temple of Radha Rani.

The Best 10 Road Trips from Delhi

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