5 most popular street food in Enugu State

One great thing about Enugu food is that they are more natural than most spiced food you can get around.  Eating the local cuisine of your host is always the highlight of every travel. Enugu like other states in Igboland and Nigeria have some popular street foods. I’m going to share with you, “5 most popular street foods in Enugu State

Below is the top 5 most popular street food in Enugu, you must have a taste of.

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1. Abacha 

One of Enugu’s most popular street foods is Abacha. Often referred to as African Salad, Abacha is a traditional Igbo meal made with dried shredded cassava (Abacha) and seeds of fermented oil bean (Ugba or Ukpaka) and lots of other proteinous ingredients. No event happens in the Enugu without Abacha on the menu. The key to making a good African Salad is to make sure that all the ingredients are well incorporated. Visitors in the city will find Abacha on the street, local bukkas and even some upscale restaurants that serve indigenous meals.

The funny aspect of this is that Enugu people never get tired of consuming Abacha, especially African Salad

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2. Okpa

Okpa is a popular street food. It is made from Bambara flour gotten from Bambara nut.

Okpa is very simple to prepare because there is no many ingredients and cooking does not take much time.

Okpa is often wrapped in banana leaves or thin white nylon bags. It can be purchased anywhere in Enugu.

It’s another popular street food Enugu people are never tired of consuming especially with chilled soft drinks.


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3. Yam and Agbugbu (FioFio)

This is another favorite most popular street food in Enugu and most visitors tend to fall in love with this meal at first taste. Porridge made with yam and a kind of beans- Pigeon peas, a tropical and subtropical perennial legume that belongs to the family of Fabaceae, also called Akidi, in the local dialect. The meal is easy to make, all you have to do is cook the pigeon peas until they are soft, then gently mash and boil together with the yam and a little bit of water until the yam is cooked. It is usually accompanied with palm Agbugbu

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4. Nkwobi

A constant in every Enugu beer parlour, Nkwobi or Spicy cow-legs is a much-loved delicacy in the eastern part of Nigeria. While it is easy to make as it basically cooked cow-foot mixed in spicy palm oil paste, it is rarely prepared at homes. It takes a lot of time and so people prefer to buy from restaurants and local joints. These joints cook it in large quantity so it is economical for them.


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5. Peppered meat, snail, ponmo

this is spicy street food in Enugu sold in shops, bars, and also hawked.  Meat, snail or ponmo is boiled with seasonings and fried in hot oil. Afterwards,  it is stirred in delicious pepper and onion mix.

Peppered meat is served with cold drinks in bars or it can be sold in





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