The Corner Cafe, Abuja

What’s more important to you when eating out? Ambiance or food? I’m asking because yesterday in my review of Thecornercafeabj, I noticed something based on your feedback.

Thecornercafeabj launched a new menu and I stopped by along with some of your favorite foodies to try it out. Here’s what I thought:

We had:
Basil Tomatoe Bruschetta
Hibiscus and Guava Tea (zobo)
Peppered Chicken Wings
Tuna and Cucumber sandwiches
Waffles and Cream
Fried Rice
Skin Glow Tea

I loved the hibiscus tea as I’m a huge fan of zobo. This tea was a lot milder though. I enjoyed the basil bruschetta especially because of the freshness of the tomatoes. I thought the peppered wings were okay, they weren’t mind blowing but then can you really go wrong with chicken? I wish it were spicer though. I’m not a huge fan of tuna, I do not like the strong fish smell but I loved the tuna sandwich, mostly because I could taste how fresh the cucumbers and tomatoes used in the sandwich were.

The waffle was quite good too, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, it also went nicely with the cream and syrup. As for the fried rice, I did not enjoy it, I’m not sure what spice was used in preparing it but it was a little overpowering especially because this is supposed to have more of a Nigerian flavor. I also didn’t really like the skin glow tea, the taste was too mild for me and was served with ice which didn’t help either.

This restaurant has a beach vibe with the wooden chairs. I loved that the entrance was covered with mirrors, that’s definitely a great photo spot! I loved the feel of this space especially at night, it made me just want to sit out and keep talking.

While the servers were polite they definitely need a little shaping up. They kept coming to take my plate and tea cup, things I was still using, this I did not understand

Location: Thecornercafeabj is located at 6 Salt Lake Street. When you stop by be sure to try the Tuna Sandwich, the Basil Bruschetta and Waffles.

Ever been to the Corner Cafe? What did you order? How was your experience?

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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