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We finally stopped by Vichigateshotel_ng after noticing it for a while now! It’s honestly hard to miss along the Kado road. It’s right smack on the Next Cash and Carry road. First impressions, the staff at the front desk were actually quite nice.

They offered us a tour of their facilities and we got to see 3 of their more budget friendly room. Their room rates go from as low as N17,500 – N45,000 (we believe that their rates are negotiable for longer stays). You may swipe for the price list.

One thing that caught our attention about the rooms is how spacious every room was, even the hallway and environment of the hotel. We also noticed that the the higher the price of the room, the more spacious the room was (this does make sense). Interestingly our favorite room was the Single Partridge at N17,500, Particularly room 207.

The hotel has a bar, restaurant and a pool. Swimming goes for N1.5k for outside guests. We were informed that the pool is as deep as 6ft. It did need a little cleaning though, this is understandable given the road leading to the hotel (it’s untiled but very well leveled)

Their location in Kado is quite ideal, it’s very close to central area actually. Basically close to most of the places we showcase on here.

For bookings you may contact Mr shedrach 07051646500 or the numbers on the price list

LOCATION: 1499 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado 900288, Abuja

Have you lodged at Vichigateshotel_ng, how was your experience? We’re yet to lodge here so we’d love to know about your experience when you stop by. Do leave a comment on this post when you do ?

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