Top 10 Worst Countries to Visit

Travelling is a favourite past time of many people and truly it is something recommended as it gives you so many opportunities to sample different cultures around the country. However, there are times when your destination is just not right for you to visit at the time, today I am going to give you a list of the Top 10 Worst Countries to Visit.

They are:


Honduras is definitely one of the worst countries to visit; The State Department of the USA issued a Level 3 Travel Advisory, asking people to rethink visiting the country at the time. The principal reason for this is the activity of notorious gangs such as MS-13, as well as the government’s inability to maintain order. Tourist safety cannot be guaranteed as Foreigners have been robbed, kidnapped, and even killed in the country.

North Korea

This is a country deficiently worth mention on the list of worst countries to visit. The country is only possible to visit by means of organized tours in which you will be accompanied by government officials 24/7 who will do all they can to show you the “best” of North Korea and hide the mass poverty and suffering that exists in the country.  Do not expect the freedom to speak your mind or go where you wish


Another worthy mention on the list of worst countries to visit is Afghanistan, although the capital Kabul is actually a bit safe, the Taliban still control many parts of the country and they are not fans of visitors.  The south and west of the country is basically a warzone that the government has no control over.


There was once a time when Pakistan was a nice country to visit but now it is one of the worst countries to visit.  With rising Islamic extremism, spillovers of the Taliban from Afghanistan and random drone missile bombings by the USA. It is hoped that one day the situation will improve and travellers will return to it and explore its vast history, ancient cities, its splendid Northern mountain ranges and Osama Bin Laden’s house in Abbottabad.


Now it may seem to put Canada on this list is odd but let me explain. Yes, Canada has cool cities and is a very well developed country but there are a few problems that make it a tourist’s nightmare. The main issue is that the country is huge, the cities are usually thousands of miles apart and there’s not really anything in between them meaning that if you wish to fully explore the country, you will spend a lot of money on flights making it one of the worst countries to visit on a budget.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a difficult place to visit and is one of the worst countries to visit in the world.  For example, if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you won’t even be allowed into the country not to mention other hassles. It is also a very expensive country and doesn’t cater for those on a budget. If you do make it in please note these following things are applicable, No alcohol, no nightclubs, and no music at all, no mingling with any unrelated women whatsoever!

Monte Carlo.

This country is a French principality and has the nickname of “millionaire’s playground” but it doesn’t care at all about regular travellers. There are no hotels as rents are so high that it becomes impossible to make any money out of people travelling on a budget. Literally, anything including food and drink is very expensive so if you come here making it one of the worst countries to visit


The republic of China is a fabulously diverse country with more history and tradition than anywhere else on earth. The problem is that the country is extremely dictatorial, communist and paranoid. A simple action such AS getting money out of the bank or exchanging cash can take up to an hour or more, with huge bank queues and a mountain of paperwork to fill out. If you want to go online in an internet cafe, you will have to hand over your travel passport and have your photo taken. This is added to the fact that it is illegal to criticize the country inside it, all these contributed to taking China to the list of worst countries in the world to visit.


Venezuela is really one of the worst countries to visit in South America. The country is actually a bit fairly wealthy thanks to its oil reserves is not as dependent on tourism as other countries in the region. Added to the gross insecurity in the country, if you eventually visit the country you can end up spending a small fortune.


Please stay away from here! The country was once quite impressive and stylish. It is not that way anymore the country is now considered the most lawless and dangerous in the world. In summary, do not go, you might die, am not joking.

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Written By: William Nwokoji






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