The National War Museum in Umuahia

The Nigerian National War Museum in Umuahia showcases the military history of Nigeria with relics from the Nigerian Civil War. Was established in 1985 and has the highest collection of the Nigerian civil war weapons that are no longer in use.


It has a collection of objects of traditional and modern warfare; tanks, AFLs, ships and aircraft all from Nigeria or Biafra. You’ll love to know that all tanks and AFLs are Biafran and all aircrafts are Nigerian(from donations from other countries). It holds in it the evidence of the internal war in Nigeria from 1967-1970.

The Nigerian-Biafran war, also known as Nigerian civil war, was a political conflict caused by the attempted secession of the Southeastern provinces of Nigeria as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra.

The museum’s present location housed the famous shortwave radio “the Voice of Biafra” and was transmitted from here during the war. Voice of Biafra was the mouth-piece for Biafra during the war.

A popular tourist site that attracts hundreds of people daily although it’s not open for public visitors now because they’re renovating. And on this visit I couldn’t do much because of the renovations.
Have you visited yet? Would you love to visit?

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