Breakfast at Cafe Dimanche Abuja


Breakfast today was at Cafedimanche, a very cozy cafe located in Food City. Now, usually when we stop by we order their chicken burger or Dutch baby pancakes but we thought to switch this up.

We had:
Croissant Breakfast N5,000
Chocolate Brioche French Toast N4,000
Karakchai N2,500

We really enjoyed our meal. The brioche French toast was our favorite! It had a great contrast of sweet and bitter from the chocolate in the French toast and the ice cream. They make their brioche bread fresh btw. The ice cream also made the bread more moist and melt in one’s mouth. We would have liked more ice cream. We were later informed that this option is available on request. This dish is definitely for sweet tooth’s or as Nigerians would say, people we get sweet mouth.

We also really enjoyed the croissant breakfast, we were told that this is a new dish on their menu. It was really tasty. The croissant bread was actually fresh, they make these themselves too. Only reservation we had was that it was quite hard to eat, the filling overpowered the bread (in a good way). The chicken strips that came with the meal was absolutely amazing! The chicken was well seasoned, and the batter was oh so crunchy.

We paired our food with Karakchai tea. This was lovely and had a rich blend of spices. We would have liked way less sugar though.

If you’re looking for a breakfast spot, definitely do check out Cafedimanche.

Have you been to Cafedimanche? How was your experience?

LOCATION: Food City Bangui Street, Wuse 2 Abuja

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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