Things To Do At Bar 360 Abuja

BAR 360:


Bar 360 Abuja

Bar360_abuja is literally a 360 bar in our city! What we especially love about the spot is the view at sunset and the abundance of greenery in the location! Here’s a range of things to do there

1. Have drinks at the bar, the upstairs view is lovely! There’s something relaxing about this spot too, probably the plenty fresh breeze.

2. Try some food at their restaurant, yes they serve food. Try their peppered meat and goat meat pepper soup and fruit smoothies, we liked this. Food could come out faster though. Swipe for the menu.

Bar 360 Abuja

3. Go for karaoke, they offer this every Saturday evening!

4. You can also play snooker here

Bar 360 Abuja

5. Have a picnic at their location, there’s an abundance of lovely leveled grass. It’s free if you’re purchasing food from them. However, if you’re bringing food from outside they charge a fee, this is especially good for major events etc.

6. They have areas where you can grill food too!

Bar 360 Abuja

7. You can also play football or other activities like table tennis.

8. There’s an event center here too, fees go from N300k to N500k

Bar 360 Abuja

9. We hear there’s a water park in the works too, really looking forward to this.

If you’re looking for a place to sit out and chill with friends, try this spot.

LOCATION: Nnamdi Azikiwe Express Way, input Bar 360 or Nafil Arcade and Water Parks on maps

Bar 360 Abuja

Written By: Abuja Lifestyle


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