Abuja Hike and Hangout

Abuja Hike and Hangout with TooGood Adventure Group 

After my three months long stay in Enugu i finally came back to Abuja but it’s going to be for a little while because i will still be going back to Enugu at the end of the month before i finally come back.

I wanted to take a three weeks rest before i continue my hiking and adventure activities, my intention was just to go on one hike on 28th before i go back to Enugu but few days after i came back i got a call from my friend informing me that her wedding has been fixed on that day and i already had an appointment on the 21st so i wont be chance that day.. Since i will be in umuahia on the 28th and my 21st isn’t free as well, i decided to take 14th, my initial intention was to go solo but after much consideration i decided to follow a group, although i have never hiked with them before but it takes just a moment to know one another.

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My own team will also be Hiking the Mmaku Hill in Enugu State on our Geo Walk and new people will be joining them so join a new group isn’t a bad idea, After i reach out to Churchman, the head of the TooGood Adventure Hikers and Travelers, he informed me of where to meet them At wuye and time..

On the day of the Hiking, it didn’t seem as if i was that excited about going on the hike, it seemed as if my mind was in Enugu imaging how fun it would have been hiking with the people am already familiar with but they are over there and am over here so i geared up and headed out.. I was about 30 minutes late which was unlike me.. When i got to wuya, i wasn’t really that familiar with the place so he came and pick me up and brought me where the others were and shortly after introduction we headed out..

Am not sure the name of the Hill we hiked, some people call it wuya hill while some call it stadium hill but whichever one the name is, doesn’t matter that much.

For me it isn’t as challenging as my previous hikes, No.. it wasn’t really challenging at all but if was fun, because of one of the lady with us we took the easy way and she was somehow killing our spirit especially mine. After  making it to the top of the hill everyone went and sat down looking exhausted as if we had just hiked the Kilimanjaro, well not everyone though.

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The sight from up there was beautiful and the breeze was magical, the hilltop was very relaxing. While we rested, we had nothing else to do but to chat and take picture, churchman suggested we go swimming after and everyone was onboard.

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After about an hour plus we headed down, on getting to our takeoff point churchman booked an uber which took the rest of us to Starview Palace Hotel Gwarinpa for a hangout since all of us can fit in his car, the idea was to go there for swimming even though most of them don’t know how to, they just like the idea of staying by the pool side but when we arrived, we ordered some drink and got carried away by our gist and game that we ended up not swimming again.

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Am not the kind of guy that usually hangout in a bar or hotel not that i see anything wrong with it but am more of the Adventure and wildlife explorer kind of person, i love activities that takes place in the nature more.. But i really had a nice time and since they usually do this almost every weekend am not sure my weekend will ever be boring again, as long as am still in Abuja i think they are the right kind of group to hangout with.. I think i need the kind of socialization they are offering, a little of this and a little of that will be good for me.

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More Photos

Images Of Some Part of Abuja From the Hilltop.

Abuja – Kaduna Rail Line 

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