Trip to Marina Resort Calabar

Trip to Marina Resort- Part A

Marina Resort Calabar is a site that serves the dual purpose of both recreational and historical.
Historically, Calabar is said to be one of the oldest centers for trading in Nigeria. In the 17th century, it was a popular center for the slave trade and even became the biggest colonial administration in Nigeria in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Marina Resort is situated just opposite the old slave site where about 35% of all the slaves that left Africa were deported.
It tells stories about the history of colonialism and slavery in Nigeria, all captured in its lifelike art slave history museum, the Mary slessor twin island etc.

Fun is seamlessly intertwined with history as the resort is made up of many fun activities such as;
1. Speed boat ride
2. Carousel horse ride
3. Film/movie theatre
4. Cinema
5. Gaming room e.g. chess?
6. Night clubs for clubbers?
7. Slave history museum
8. Twin island and animal petting
9. Most importantly oneness with nature. So, if all you crave is just to lean back, and enjoy the gentle blowing breeze as you relish the all encompassing view of the fascinating Calabar River, you got it!


Fun Facts: Did you know that in times past when twins were born, it was thought that one of them was the child of the devil and since it wasn’t known which one, both would be left for dead in a bush and the mother banished from the community – often a death sentence itself? Now you know ?

Written by: Amarachi

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