My Experience At Marina Resort Calabar

Slavery History Museum

The Slave History Museum was really really enlightening with an amazingly eloquent, intricate and knowledgeable guide.
The downside was that recording was prohibited and was told to stop recording so I was only able to capture less than 1/10 of the entire experience, the cadaver like looking dummies, at first I thought they were actually human beings just doing a role play, it was really intriguing, the sad song with the intent of making you feel the pain of the story, it was absolutely amazing wish I could capture it, to make up for that I have attached a video extract: Life Aboard a Slave Ship|History. #historychannel.

Slave is a popular subject and atleast 90% of the African population must have engaged in, experienced or heard tales of our slave history so, I consider it an over flogged subject and won’t dwell on it.
However, I have a question.
• •
Question: have you ever imagined what your outcome would have been if you had existed in the time of slavery and colonialism?

Boat Ride

Trip to Marina Resort Calabar

The boat ride was breezy and landscapy*, not exactly the grand kinda ride but it served the purpose of a fun quickie*.
Fun fact: There is a Royal Navy superstition that whistling on a ship can summon strong winds. Do you believe?

Twin Island

Not much stories on the history of the Island, just a mini zoo for animal petting. If you got guts you can carry a baby crocodile.
Fun fact: I didn’t dare to touch the crocodile ? but carried the tortoise.

In all it was a fun experience.
The End!

Written by: Amarachi

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