Ushafa Crushed Rock, Bwari Abuja

Nestled in Bwari Abuja lies another crushed rock in Ushafa! This one is different though, the water is blue and clear! Here’s what you need to know

Presenting Abuja’s Best Kept Secret: Crush Rock Mpape

Ushafa Crushed Rock, Bwari Abuja

1. This environment seems more secure, it’s located right next to a residential area. We spotted nice houses while driving
2. The water is blue and clear, this is not a filter or edit. Don’t believe me? Check out my reels. In fact I saw fish in the water.
3. It appears that this rock has been there for years but has pretty much been unexplored.
4. While you can drive there, you’d still have to take a short hike of about 10 mins to get there. We parked our car where the motorable road ended and walked. Also a tip just follow the walking path laid out by footsteps. Again the environment appeared safer. Do note that this place is about to blow up so…
6. The environment is clean! It does not smell. This makes it a great spot for a picnic.
7. While the water is blue, I honestly can’t recommend swimming here. I mean the water has not been tested and it appears quite deep at various points… so please do be cautious.
8. Bwari is also quite a commute from central area so be prepared to buy fuel.

Ushafa Crushed Rock, Bwari Abuja

How do you get there?
We drove through the Kubwa express to Bwari. We then drove past the Usman Dam road and way past that. We then hired a bike to Adefemi Street, once we entered the street, we took a turn by a Redeemed Church sign post. From there we drove straight on an untarred road till the road ended, note that there was a slight bend on this route. The drive was slightly steep too. Please don’t drive if your car is unhealthy, a higher car is recommended please.

Ushafa Crushed Rock, Bwari Abuja

If you get lost you may ask for Quarry river or for an abandoned quarry site. Please note that the Google map address is not accurate.

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