Wells Cafe & Bakehouse, Asokoro Abuja

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new cafe/hangout spot in Asokoro and I’m so excited!

I stopped by earlier this week and here’s how it went

There’s just something quite cute and refreshing about this spot! First of all the environment is very quiet and relaxing. I also love that there are various seating areas.

I won’t say the prices are cheap but there’s something for everyone. You can get pastries, cakes and treats for as low as N800 and drinks for N1000-1,500

We had:
Beef Burger and Fries N3,500
Virgin Colada N2,000
Caramel Chocolate cake at N1,500
Beef Steak Mashed Potatoes, it came with garlic bread at N6,500
Nestle Water N500

Walls Bakehouse, Asokoro Abuja

I loved the burger patty, it was very tasty and well seasoned. The virgin colada was thick, creamy and had the right balance of everything. It was definitely one of my favorites.

Now the cake was our absolute favorite that we had! The texture was so smooth and amazing, the mix of caramel and dark chocolate so complimentary too! I loved that the dark chocolate base was not bitter, it was just right! I also think it’s great that they served the cake with apples, cream, strawberry and chocolate! You have to try this cake when you stop by.

I loved how creamy the mash potatoes were, I wish the beef was a little softer and the brown sauce a tad less salty. I loved the garlic bread and the tomatoes sauce combo, I could taste the real flavor of the tomatoes, which I loved. Based on this sauce, I’m thinking the pizza here would bang!

I have no complaints. I recommend that you place your order downstairs before going upstairs to sit down

All in all, Wellscafebakehouse is one that we should all check out! This spot will be one of go-to places going forward! I can’t wait to try out the other meals on their menu.

Have you heard of Wells Bakehouse? Would you check it out?

Location: 2 Gado Nasko Street, Asokoro Abuja

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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