10 Interesting Facts About Igbo People

10 Interesting Facts About Igbo People: Written By Okpara Nnajiaku


The Igbo people (Ndi Igbo) are an ethnic group native to the present-day south-central and southeastern Nigeria. Igbo people are known to be innovative, interesting & enterprising with a unique way of life (Omenala Igbo)



1. The Igbo’s are Industrious In Nature.

Igbo People are Indigenous

Igbos are industrious & entrepreneurial in nature, they boldly engage in business & other commercial activities, they are said to be the most industrious tribes in Nigeria. They are born Hustlers, The Igbo apprenticeship system known as “Ịgba boy” is a case study of how wealth is circulated in Igbo land.


2. They Strongly Believe in God

Igbo Christian people

The Igbo people strongly believe in God whom they refer to as Chineke. They had this belief even before the coming of Christianity.


3. Igbo’s has claimed Israeli origin.

Igbo jew

Igbos have sometimes claimed that they may have originated from Israel. Eri, the father of all Igbos as claimed, who hailed from Israel was the fifth son of Gad, the seventh son of Jacob (Genesis 46:15-18 and Numbers 26:16:18).


4. The Igbo tribe are Travellers.

Igbo people

The Igbos are said to be the most traveled of all tribes in Nigeria, their quest for success especially in business has taken them to every part of the world.


5. They are believed to have strong love for money

Igbo business people

It is believed that a true igbo man loves money. Thou they believe in making money legally and frowns at illegal money, Igbo people are likely to respect a man who has made wealthy men in his community.


6. Great Value of Extended Family

Igbo family

There is a great respect for the extended family in Igbo land, family matters are often treated by the elders who make up the extended family. This extended family is regarded as (Umunna).


7. Predominantly Christians

Igbo People

The Igbos are predominantly Christians, about 98% of the igbo tribe practice the Christianity. Catholics and Anglicans are the dominant christian denominations in igbo land.


8. Igbo’s Have a Calendar system peculiar to them

Igbo People calendar

The Igbos invented a calendar called “Iguafo Igbo” (Igbo Calendar) so as to be aware of days and years. This calendar has four market days namely; Eke, Afor, Nkwo and Orie. These days make a week. In the Igbo calendar, four days make a week, seven weeks make one month, and thirteen months make a year.


9. Many Igbo Communities Lack Centralized Leadership

Ndi igbo

Unlike some other tribes that have centralized political structure such the sultan in the Hausa land, the igbo’s don’t have a central point of governance rather they have Igwe who also has chiefs (Elders representing the communities). The Igwe oversees the leadership of a small sect of people close to him, there are many autonomous Igwe’s with no central leadership structure.


10. They Invented a way of saving called ‘Isusu’.

Igbo People

The Igbo people have a savings and mini loan system called “Isusu”, this invention is also being practiced in the Caribbean Island where it is known as “Susu”, Isusu helps to save money and have easy access to small loans.

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