Okonkwo By Papiees Restaurant, Abuja

ÓKÒNKWÒ (new restaurant alert)

As the name suggest, Okonkwo is an indigenous restaurant that serves a variety of south eastern Igbo cuisines, an extension of Papiees Meatro.

Okonkwo By Papiees Restaurant, Abuja

Okonkwobypapiees_abj sure gives off a local vibe especially with their decor. Their wooden seats, giant tusks and string lights syncs perfectly with their name.

Food is very affordable here and portion is great especially their soup portions. We had:

Okonkwo By Papiees Restaurant, Abuja

1).Nkwobi -N3500

2).Fisherman soup with Semo :N5300

3).White rice + Ofe Akwu + Chicken: N3000

4).Egusi Soup + Garri + Goat Meat: N2500

5).Beer N500

Okonkwo By Papiees Restaurant, Abuja

The Fishermaan soup was my absolute favorite, the giant snail, shrimps, periwinkles (both the white and green ones) gave the soup a huge lift. Matter of fact I threw all dinning etiquette away and ate like REAL local Igbo babe while Osadebe played softly in the background. I was also able to teach my non Igbo friend Abujafoodplug the ICHIE handshake ?. It was indeed an Okonkwo experience.

Okonkwo By Papiees Restaurant, Abuja

You should visit and do not forget to tag me when you do. Feel free to share and save.

?Okonkwobypapiees_abj 36 Lingu Crescent, Wuse 2.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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