Terraform Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria

Dining with a view! Terraform Restaurant Lagos

Terraform Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria

There’s a new restaurant in town guys! And as usual your girl had to check out the spot ?.

I visited Terraformng last week and here’s what I think;

The food: Hehe you expected me to start with the space bah? ??

Terraform Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria

During my visit I tried out the Lamb chops, Jollof rice and marinated jumbo prawn skewers…..
Let’s start with the lamb chops- I had this medium rare and all I can say is “Wow”
First off: the gravy didn’t taste overwhelming, the mashed potato was good but the lamb chops stole the show; having it with the gravy and mashed potatoes was pure bliss. I enjoyed this.
I’m not one to order Jollof at restaurants but this also tasted good; I had to double check who cooked it cause I wanted to know if the chefs had cracked our Nigerian Jollof code because he’s not Nigerian ?
Now onto the prawns; flavourful but honestly the lamb chops and Jollof rice already stole the show so it comes next after those. The lamb chops happens to be the best I’ve had in Lagos; a big bye bye to Welldone lamb chops.

Terraform Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria

The drinks: We had Jamaican punch and hulk; funny but I can’t remember which was which ?, I had the red drink while my partner had the green one but I ended up drinking more of his. Both drinks get a solid 8.5/10.

The space: Need I say more? View on a ?
I recommend dining at the indoor restaurant but chilling by the water side afterwards.

Service was fine during my visit. I had some of my people visit over the weekend and the feedback has been positive so far, I hope they keep it up because right now they are doing well!

Terraform Restaurant Lagos, Nigeria

Have you been here?

?Terraform Restaurant, Wole Olateju Lekki phase one (open from 3pm)


Review By: Bellaexplores

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