An Epic Wanderlust Hike Adventure With Hikers Trail

Just before the lockdown due to the covid-19, we went on an epic wanderlust hike in Ugbo with the Hikers trails and Tour Enugu. Unlike my previous post which are usually detailed, this one is going to be very brief. I have been so busy that i haven’t had time to write about my recent activities and for the next two weeks i will still not be available and that why am going to use this few hours i have to put this down.

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Wanderlust Hike Adventure

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On the 21th of march, we gathered at MSP Enugu where we were supposed to take off at about 8am but thinks didn’t go as planned. First, the bus drivers that was suppose to convey us to Ugbo disappointed us, although other arrangement were made but we left late, a lot of people that came for the hike were disappointed and wanted to go back home. Our vehicle eventually left Enugu around 10am and we made it to Ugbo about 55 minutes later.

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On getting to Ugbo, we first made a stop at ugwu Alor road and took a walk to the waterside for a photo and briefing.. While at he waterside, the organisers  briefed the participants after the photo session. we where supposed to cover about three villages, and make a spot at Ogba Ngwu valley where the waterfalls are and Ofesi Hilltop before making our way to Obodo Ike in Oyibo for refreshment, a well prepared Abacha and palm Wine.

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After a short while at the ululo waterside, we took off and made our way to Ugbo Okpala through Ugwu alo, Ugbonabo. When we got to Ugbo Opkala, we took the mgboko Ogba road on our way to Ogba Ngwu, while my cousins Uche and Somtoo where in the from leading the way i had to stay at the back for those ones who couldn’t walk faster and in other to capture every one.  At this point everyone’s spirit was still so high.

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We made our way to Oji through the Village of Uhuogba, after crossing the oji Stream, we headed to the Waterfall at the OgbaNwgu Valley, the distance from Oji to ogbaNgwu was about half hour, before getting to the valley everyone seemed very exhausted. we made our second stop by the Cashew tree just close to the valley, while some of us were busy eating Cashew we used that opportunity to wait for the rest of us who were still very far behind, When they eventually meet up with us, we left for the waterfall.

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You can watch this brief video of us as we try to make our way down the valley

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Thing didn’t turn out as we expected when we finally made it to the valley, we discovered that the waterfall in the valley had all dried out due to the long dry season and Hammatan. usually the waterfall reduces during dry season but not as dry as it was when we got there. The stress we passed through in going down and the disappointing outcome didn’t allow us to explore the valley and the beautiful rock formations. Well, the main reason for going there was because of the waterfall, since it wasn’t there anymore we didn’t have any other choice than to leave but making our way out of the valley was the most difficult and stressful thing we did that day. It wasn’t easy at all, it took us more than an hour to make our way out of there, before the last set of people were able to come out, the first set had already left so i asked my cousins to escort them to Oyibo since we couldn’t make a stop at the Ofesi hill due to exhaustion.

After everything we made it to Obodo Ike in Oyibo but it wasn’t easy because some of us could barely walk. While we were at Obodo Ike, we were served with Abacha and fresh palm wine. After eating we took a group phone before we left. Although we weren’t able to cover all the places we set out to cover but it was more than we estimated. At the end, the adventure we set out for was what we got. #wanderlust

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