Five Fun Children Spots In Abuja


I’m excited to bring you 5 fun spots for children in collaboration with Tarafunstories. Tara’s Fun Stories is a book by The_mansu that documents the various adventures of Tara and her brothers, Teni and Toni who love to have fun. Today we will be having fun with them in 5 children spots in Abuja. Let’s hop in.

1. BMT Garden
This spot has a zoo, pool and playground for your children. Accessing the Garden is free, your children can run around the premises. Swimming costs N1,000 for children. While the playground costs N1,000 and the zoo N500 for children.

2. National Children’s Park and Zoo
Don’t sleep on this place. The park has a zoo, playground and perfect spots for picnics all at just a N200 entrance fee for children. The zoo has a range of animals and on weekends there’s horse riding.

3. Valor located in City Park
This is a gaming spot that has a range of games such as FIFA 2021, VR, GTA going for N500-N1500 depending on the duration. They also have a playground, it costs N500 per child.

4. Havillah Ice Cream
This is a very affordable ice cream spot! Scoops cost N500 and N200 for cones. They have different flavors. I recommend the coconut, cookies and cream or mint flavor. The chocolate was well…. The space is very colourful and perfect for children.

5. Maitama Amusement Park
This park still offers a few rides. It’s open on Thursday – Sunday from 2pm -8pm. Entrance fee is N300 per child. This comes with access to the park. However, certain rides attract an additional fee. I stopped by recently and was informed that the Ship, Train, Cup and Horse carousel ride are fully functioning.

That’s it on fun spots for children, which spots would you add?


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