Best Abacha joint you can find in Enugu

Someone said, Rumour has it that the best Abacha is made in Enugu state.. Well, it’s not a rumour, best abacha truly is made in Enugu.

Abacha, also referred to as African salad is a traditional Igbo meal of eastern Nigeria, abacha which originated from Enugu is made from cassava. Abacha can be served as an appetizer or main meal, it is mostly used to welcome visitor before serving them the main meal. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways depending on the community you visit or the home you visited. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways and it’s best served with fresh palm wine.

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Best Abacha joint in Enugu

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If you ever find yourself in Enugu and wish to enjoy the city most popular delicacy, below are best joint in the city where you can enjoy is mouth watering dish.

1. New Market by the filling station

2. Eze Street Uwani Abacha

3. Uwa Mgbede Holy Ghost Abacha

4. New Haven last Bus stop Abacha

5. Nwanyi Achi opposite Old Mr. Biggs

6. GRA behind Anti Kidnapping old fire of fire Abacha

7. Ibiam by Awolowo Street Uwani Abacha

8. Omife by obiagu

9. Chief Ekwueme in Uwani behind roban store

10. People’s Delight Abacha Joint,  in Umuifi close, Nike


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