List of Major Markets in Onitsha

Onitsha is a metropolitan city located on the eastern bank of the Niger River, in Anambra State. Onitsha is an economic hub,  known for commerce, industry, and education.  Onitsha hosts the Onitsha Main Market, the largest market in Africa in terms of geographical size and volume of goods.

Below are List of Major Markets in Onitsha

1. Onitsha Main Market. – Everything, mainly Clothing and Textile, Fashion Items, Computers and Computer Accessories, Phones and Phone Accessories.

1. New Tyre International Market Nkpor – Vehicle Tyres, Tubes,Wheels and Vulcanizing Tools.

2. Building Material International Market Ogidi. – Building Construction Materials and Equipment.

3. Bridge Head Building Material Market. – Building Construction Materials and Equipment.

4. Bakers and Confectionery Market Ogidi. – Confectionery materials and Equipment.

5. New Motor Parts International Market Nkpor – New motor parts and car accessories and repair tools.

6. Machine Parts Market Nkpor. – Motorcycle, motorbike and Bicycle parts and accessories.

7. Old Motor Parts (Mgbuka) Market Nkpor. – Fairly used imported vehicle parts, tools and accessories.

8. Old Motor Parts (Mgbuka) MarketUgwuagba Obosi. – New Vehicle parts and Fairly used imported vehicle parts, tools and accessories.

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9. Caterpillar and Air Equipment Market Nkpor. – Heavy duty construction equipment.

10. Ochanja International Market Onitsha. – Shoes, Household Items.

11. Iweka Electronic Market Onitsha. – New and Fairly imported used Electronics.

12. Electronics International Market. BridgeHead Onitsha. – New Electronics

13. Ose Okwudu Market Onitsha. – Foodstuff

14. Afia Ofu Food Market Obosi (Near Barracks). – Foodstuff

15. Nkpor Main Market (Afia Nkpor) – Foodstuff

16. Patent Medicine Dealers Market BridgeHead Onitsha (Ogbo Ogwu). – Patent drugs, hospital and surgery equipment

17. New Textile Market Headbridge Onitsha (Ogbo Abada). – Textile Materials

18. Car Battery Market Onitsha. – Vehicle Batteries.

19. Household Material Market Onitsha (Ogboefere). – Household items, Kitchen Utensils and Catering Equipments.

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20. Construction Rods Market. (Ogbo Rod) Ogbaru. – Iron rods, Steel

21. Aluminum Market Onitsha. – Aluminum and Glass.

22. Ogbo Tomato Market Onitsha. – Foodstuff

23. Relief Mkt Upper Iweka – Foodstuff, Provisions.

24. Coke Food Market Onitsha. – Foodstuff.

25. Electrical and Electrical Equipment Mkt. Obosi. – Electrical wiring items and equipments.

26. Stockfish international Market Onitsha. – Stockfish, Foodstuff.

27. New Plastic Market. (Ogbo Plastic) Onitsha. – Plastic Household Items.

28. Plywood and Carpentry Tools Market. Bridgehead (Ogbo osisi) Onitsha. – Wood, Furniture and Carpentry Equipment.

29. Shoe Site Mkt Onitsha – Shoes, shoe making materials.

30. Books and Stationery Mkt Woliwo (Ogbo Akwukwo) – Books, stationery

31. GUO GSM Mkt Onitsha – Phone and phone accessories

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