The Sidebar by Miskay, Lekki Lagos

Sidebar by Miskay is located in Lekki Lagos, the name as it implies is just a very small cozy bar beside the Miskay boutique. The restaurant is so small that you may have to share a table with others if you visit on one of their busy days.

When I visited, the address on the map isn’t accurate as it was pretty confusing, lucky it’s on the same street. It’s easier for you to ask around for Miskay boutique instead when you get to the location to save you the stress.

The Sidebar by Miskay, Lekki Lagos

The ambiance is natural hence making it cozy. The see-through glass gives the space natural light which enhances pictures.

The space is ideal for very few friends to hang out, quick meet up’s or you just want to grab something as you shop for wear at the boutique.

For customer service, I will give them 6/10. The staff was very nonchalant, with no enthusiasm; no eagerness to welcome or attend to a customer.

The food came in pretty late but it was worth it. I would have been disappointed if the food came out bad after the long processing time.

The Sidebar by Miskay, Lekki Lagos

My jerk chicken pasta was so delicious with the garlic bread. To be honest, I dreamt of that meal after that day for you to know how yummy it was. I love that it was very creamy; emphasis on very??.

I also had the grilled chicken wrap which was very yummy as well and was giving Taco vibes. It came with a side of fries which was pretty much oily, wish they drained it well before serving.

In conclusion, concerning the customer service, I would say the restaurant was just built for those that came to shop wears to grab something on their way out and it seems they aren’t so kind to the general public.

The Sidebar by Miskay, Lekki Lagos


What I had:
Jerk chicken pasta N7900
Grilled chicken wrap N6000
Virgin colada N3000
Water N600

The Sidebar by Miskay, Lekki Lagos

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