Best Restaurants in Paris

Paris is a truly beautiful place, one of the most popular places in Europe and the crown jewel of France. It is a city with beauty, rich history, wonderful sights and sounds, amazing culture and amazing food. Yes, that’s right, amazing food, Paris is the crème de la crème of Europe in many ways including in food; it boats of exclusive mind-blowing restaurants.

So in this article today; I am going to be telling you about the best restaurants in Paris to visit should you ever visit the place. These restaurants are a must-see place as they are so amazing in design, decor, taste and menu.

The article and the accompanying pictures can make you hungry, so get a snack, lol

The best restaurants in Paris are:

The Comice

A side table in a dining room with a vase of flowers, bread basket, and spirits

The Comice is definitely worth mentioning on a list of best restaurants in Paris, although I must warn you that this restaurant is quite expensive. However, the Michelin-starred restaurant, Comice, headed by Canadian chef Noam Gedalof and sommelier Etheliya Hananova (a married duo), is a restaurant that is completely worth melting your credit card.

The look strikes a similar balance: elegant but relaxed, with striking arrangements from a renowned local florist. Hananova’s wine list — which features lesser-known wines from around the world — is terrific, as is Gedalof’s light, inventive contemporary French cooking. Try the duck foie gras with hazelnuts, strawberries, balsamic, and black pepper or the butter-poached lobster with sweet pea and mascarpone ravioli. It is truly one of the best restaurants in Paris.


A formal dining room with white table cloths, sliding windowed door, and high ceiling

This is another worthy mention on the list of best restaurants in Paris, headed by Chef Pascal Barbot, a chef that has the most elegantly lyrical gastronomic imagination of any chef working in Paris today, and it is expressed by his dishes that are often spectacularly simple, like his buttermilk and burnt toast crumb soup. I personally recommend you try out the mille-feuille of white mushrooms, apple, and foie gras. You won’t regret it, just as the many people who view it as one of the best restaurants in Paris did not


Restaurant Arnaud Nicolas

A chef places thick cuts of lobster in a bed of other ingredients on a mostly clean white plate

This is one of my personal favourites and a worthy mention on this list of best restaurants in Paris, with excellent handmade pates, sausages, and terrines, award-winning charcutier and Chef Arnaud Nicolas have revived an ancient branch of French gastronomy.

The restaurant, on a leafy avenue in the silk-stocking Seventh Arrondissement, is decorated with exposed stone walls, a beamed ceiling, and battleship-grey moldings. Roasts and meat pies, Gallic pleasures that date back at least to the Middle Ages, figure as first courses, before an evolving menu filled with seasonal produce. Nicolas shows off his style in cod with baby artichokes, yellow pollack with cockles and shellfish jus, grilled duckling with baby onions, and an airy baba au rhum. After sampling its dishes, you will agree it is one of the best restaurants in Paris.

Chez L’Ami Jean

Heaping cuts of roast pork in an iron skillet topped with sprigs of laurel

This restaurant owned by Chef Stéphane Jego’s is perpetually packed with customers who view it as one of the best restaurants in Paris.

Like a few other Parisian chefs, Jego knows how to deliver beautiful, traditional French bistro food, modernized with tweaks so subtle most people will not even notice. He has barely touched the restaurant design since taking it over 17 years ago from a Basque rugby pub. The restaurant’s earthy dishes, inspired by southwestern French farmhouse food, are so deeply satisfying you won’t mind the occasionally slow service or boisterous regulars. The rich menu includes Parmesan soup with cabbage and bonito flakes, roasted pigeon with thyme and garlic, pork belly with lentils, and light and fluffy rice pudding.


best restaurants in Paris

Jòia is definitely one of the best restaurants in Paris, owned by Hélène Darroze, who was voted the best female chef in the world.

Its menu revolves around comfort food from Darroze’s homeland just outside the French Basque Country, with an added touch of global flavours. Roasted chicken from the Landes region is a must-try, and so is the fusion of crêpes mille-feuille and matcha.

If you love wine, then you are in luck: one of Paris’ most unique and amazing wine lists is here. All of the vintage wines are made by female winemakers or popularly called vigneronnes. I am sure you will agree with me when I say it is one of the best restaurants in Paris.

David Toutain

David Toutain's unique dishes, like egg yolk with caramel-cumin glaze, make his one of the best restaurants in Paris.
best restaurants in Paris

This restaurant’s name is synonymous with its owner, David, who serves some of the most interesting and boldest food in the whole of Paris.

Toutain who is from Normandy used to work with Alain Passard at Arpège was awarded his second Michelin star in January 2019. The restaurant’s daily-changing menu is filled with inventive and beautifully presented dishes. The flavours are as unexpected as they are delicious: think grilled eel with black sesame sauce or Toutain’s signature egg yolk with cumin caramel crème. It is most definitely one of the best restaurants in Paris.

La Scene

best restaurants in Paris

This restaurant owned by Chef Stéphanie Le Quellec’s boats of a glamorous subterranean dining room that feels like a luxury railroad car, with the chef working in a theatre-like open kitchen at the head of the room. The restaurant is fun and amusing.

Le Quellec has reinvented the French haute cuisine for the 21st century, offering diners a good time instead of another long stuffy experience. Her cooking is light, lucid, and precise, with touches of gastronomic wit. Poached langoustines come with buckwheat and a quenelle of blanc-manger and claw meat. Scottish grouse with morels is cooked with smoked tea. Veal sweetbreads arrive with roasted cauliflower and harissa. In addition, a ganache, featuring Criollo chocolate from Venezuela, is made with olive oil.

La Scene is one of the rare Paris restaurants that works as well for a romantic tete a tete as it does for a business meal, and it is for these numerous reasons that it earns a place on the list of best restaurants in Paris.

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