Hot, delicious, spicy, very appealing, these are all attributes of one food that I am sure has also found a soft spot in your heart to stay. This delicacy and mouth-watering food is none other than the humble pizza, the very word itself evokes a desire for this product of a genius cook. From its humble origins in Italy, pizza has become so popular around the world with the Norwegians holding the title for the most pizza consumed in the world, closely followed by Italy, we all may have seen it in Hollywood as it is food for the go for many Americans who may be too busy to cook.

The pizza delivery guy is a very well known sight in America. Pizza didn’t start of recent to get fame and popularity, over the ages from its humble origins in Europe to being snuck into the Buckingham palace so that Queen Victoria could get a taste of the food she has been hearing so much about, pizza is undoubtedly on the list of the most popular foods in the world and this food that started from the humble idea of baking bread along with tomatoes to becoming a worldwide acclaimed recipe. The Italians are known for making the best pizza in the world.

Nigeria is not a stranger to this pizza craze as more and more Nigerians are falling in love with the stuff day by day, it is predicted that Nigeria will consume as much pizza as Italy if they continue with their present trend of consuming the best pizza they can find, the pizza business has also risen as everyone wants to be the makers of the best pizza in n Nigeria. Now with all these stores, joints and shops, you may have wondered, “Where are the places I can get the best pizza in Nigeria?”

Well, I’m here to answer that question and end your mind-boggling quest as am about to give you a list of the 10 best pizza places in Nigeria as it stands now. Some of these places might make you grab your bags and make a quick trip as they produce the best pizza all across the 36 states of Nigeria including the FCT. This will also prevent you from falling prey to those people that cook bread and call it pizza.

  1. Domino’s Pizza: This pizza joint has stayed in Nigeria for quite some time since it entered Nigeria in 2012, it is fast becoming commonplace in Nigeria, and it has about 17 branches across various places in Lagos. It is quite unique for its decision to include some Nigerian delicacies as appetizers in its recipe while waiting for their delicious chicken pizza (I highly recommend this), you can satiate your taste buds with some suya and go through their menu for some other worthy additions to your meal. It is definitely the best place to get the best pizza in Nigeria
  2. La Veranda: This joint is one of a kind as it is found in only one person in Nigeria and that is at the Blowfish Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. They cook quality Italian pizza from an actual Italian wood oven (talk about commitment), it is also a joint well known for its many kinds of pasta, and you enjoy your pizza while enjoying the scenery of the sparkling poolside. I would recommend this place for a romantic date, imagine being with your lover and munching the best pizza in Nigeria best pizza, made classic style.
  3. Debonairs Pizza: These guys serve pizza, well the South African Type, but this doesn’t stop it from making the top three, known for their unique meals especially the Chicken Triple Decker Pizza. This joint can be found in four places in Lagos city (which I should mention is the pizza capital of Nigeria). This is a place worth checking out.
  4. Umutu Coffee: This place was originally known as II Soriso until it came under the management of new hands. It is an amazing Italian restaurant where you can get the first-rate service and the decoration of the place is simply amazing. It is located in Victoria Island Lagos
  5. La Giara: This place is located inside the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, apart from their quite large menu of pizzas; they offer a lot of amazing Italian meals with a very extensive and rich collection of wines. This is really the spot for a fancy meal, rally good for dining in style. Great for the best pizza in the country in the fanciest of styles.
  6. Pizzie Riah: Anyone that has been to a Chinese restaurant must have experienced the thrill of getting to see their meal prepared in front of them. Well at this very unique joint, they offer the same unique ability, you get to see your pizza prepared before your eyes in an outdoor oven, and this makes them be acknowledged by people as one of the best pizza places in the country, the thrill of seeing your meal is too much. It is located in Victoria Island
  7. La Taverna Milano(Pizzeria Milano): This place is one I recommend for a romantic date, one for its uniqueness, two for its cheap price of pizzas, you get to witness some of the best live bands in Lagos perform. It is located in Victoria Island.
  8. La Pizza (Manuela): This is an Afro Italian themed joint; it’s actually a hotel in the Manuela residence in Lagos. They are well known for amazing authentic Italian food. Their pizza is described by their customers as the best.
  9. Mario’s Pizza: This is located in Apapa Lagos, you don’t need to fear high prices here, they are quite cheap with that their amazing pizza and amazing food choices, you don’t have to drink garret for a week after going.
  10. Pizza House: This is located in the Surulere leisure mall, they deliver tasty pizzas, and they offer free wifi at their location and even offer delivery service.

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Written By: William Nwokoji



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