Best Tourist Attractions in Russia

Russia is definitely one of the most popular and most powerful countries in the world. It boasts of so much might, power and history. Today, am going to be telling you about the best tourist attractions in Russia.

These places are truly special and are worth your visit to them.

They are:

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

When it comes to breaking records, Lake Baikal is hard to beat. This massive high-altitude rift lake in Siberia is the oldest and deepest lake in the world—reaching a maximum depth of 1,642 meters and an estimated 25 million years of age. Baikal is also the largest freshwater lake in the world—over 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water is in this lake.

Although Lake Baikal is considered one of the clearest lakes in the world, this is particularly noticeable in winter, where, in some areas, it’s possible to see up to 40 meters down into the water—even though much of the lake’s surface freezes over for up to five months of the year.

For about a month around August, the lake’s water temperature can reach around 16 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for quick dips or short swims. During the rest of the year, however, it usually stays under five degrees Celsius.

In summer, Lake Baikal is a famous destination for kayaking, boat cruises, and island hopping to discover shorelines and beaches. In winter, when the lake freezes over, visitors can cross-country ski across sections of it and visit the frozen Tazheran Steppes caves. Lake Baikal is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Russia.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

#1 of Tourist Attractions In Russia

This one is celebrated in pictures all across the world and is one of the best tourist attractions in Russia. Built between 1554 and 1561 and situated in the heart of Moscow, It is not the building’s interior artefacts that attract visitors, but rather the cathedral’s distinctive architecture. Designed to resemble the shape of a bonfire in full flame, the architecture is not unique to the period in which it was built but to any subsequent period. There is no other structure on earth quite like St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum

The museum Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia is a massive museum of art and culture showing the highlights of a collection of over 3 million items spanning the globe. The collections occupy a large complex of six historic buildings including the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors. It is very beautiful and is one of the best tourist attractions in Russia

The Altay Mountains

The Altay Mountains in Siberia extend from Russia into ChinaKazakhstan, and Mongolia. Traditionally inhabited by different ethnic groups involved in horse husbandry and forestry, it is also a very popular tourist destination for both locals and travellers. Together with some nature reserves and lakes, the Altay Mountains are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is a lot of untouched beauty in Altay, where frozen rivers and snowcapped mountains attract cross-country skiers and other outdoor lovers in winter, as well as hikers (the area around Aktru Glacier is especially popular for trekking), kayakers, and climbers in summer. The Denisova Cave in Siberia is particularly significant because of the bone fragments, artefacts, and even prehistoric horses that have been here—some dating back 50,000 years.

The Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Moscow and is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Russia. It is home to the nation’s top governmental offices, the Palace which is one of the worlds five most important palaces also houses four cathedrals built in the 15th and 16th century as well as several notable museums. The 250-acre grounds include the Armoury, filled with royal treasures of the past, and the Diamond Fund Exhibition, a collection of jewellery that includes a 190-carat diamond given to Catherine the Great

Peterhof Palace

Originally designed and built in the early 1700s for Tsar Peter the Great in a style that resembles the Palace of Versailles, the palace grounds cover an area of almost 4000 hectares.

There are 173 garden fountains around the palace—some, like the Grand Cascade fountains, with special features that activate water jets when people get close. The lower gardens, designed in French formal style, offer marble statues, shaded walking paths, and even an aviary pavilion.

The Grand Palace itself is a masterpiece of architecture, with majestic colours, art imported from Asia and the Far East, walls covered in authentic Chinese silk, and a massive ballroom covered in gilded carvings. The palace contains 10 separate museums, which hold art, furniture, and palace items from the 18th century.

It is truly magnificent and is one of the best tourist attractions in Russia.


Anapa—perfectly located against the Black Sea and one of the best tourist attractions in Russia—is well known for its sandy beaches, spas, and stunning views from the rocky promontory where Anapa’s lighthouse sits.

Places worth exploring include The Anapa Archaeological Museum and the single remaining gate of an Ottoman fort that once occupied this area.

Both the Sukko Valley and the Wildlife Preserve of Bolshoy Utrish are just minutes away from the city and offer plenty of options to explore nature, swim in clear waters, and take to the trails for some trekking.

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Written By: William Nwokoji



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