Top Places of Interest in Bayelsa state

Located in the core of the Niger Delta region. Bayelsa State was formed in 1996 from Rivers State, making it one of the newest states in the federation. The name of the state, Bayelsa, is a combination of the first few letters of the major local government areas within its confines: Brass LGA (BALGA), Yenagoa LGA (YELGA), and Sagbama LGA (SALGA). The state borders Rivers State and Delta State.

Below are some of the top places of interest in the state

Ox-Bow Lake Bayelsa

Ox-Bow Lake is one of the most prominent lakes in Bayelsa state, Located in Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State. Over the years, Ox Bow Lake has become a resort for tourists, the lake is an idea hangout spot, prefect for canoeing and boat rides.

Top Places of Interest in Bayelsa state

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Okpoama Beach

Okpoama beach is one of the beaches Bayelsa State, located in Okpoama in Brass Local Area of Bayelsa State, south south Nigeria. Okpoama beach has become the most preferred tourist destination in Bayelsa because of its serenity and peaceful nature, the beach is perfect for relaxation, hangout, picnic, water sports and others.

Top Places of Interest in Bayelsa state

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Kontiki Amusement Park and Resort

Located at No 12 Mein Boulus Street, by TB referral Hospital Yenegwe, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Kontiki Amusement Park is a family and kids friendly relaxation spot and amusement centre. If you are looking for a place to relax or hangout with your kids in Bayelsa, Kontiki Amusement Park is the place to visit. 

Top Places of Interest in Bayelsa state

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Peace Park Bayelsa State

Peace Park is the most prominent recreational park in Bayelsa State. Located close to the government secretariat the park serves as an amusement and event center.  Thousands of fun seekers visit the park for recreational purposes. While at the park one can engage boating activities, water biking, and other sporting activities.
Top Places of Interest in Bayelsa state

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