Top 10 best Countries to Visit

If you are an ardent traveller, then you are most definitely in the right place. As a tourist, you must have come across the problem of choosing where to visit at times. Well, this post is here to solve that problem as I am about to give you a list of the Top 10 best countries to visit. After this list, you will definitely have plans to visit some of the countries on this list.


Of the best countries to visit, Turkey is one of the best; its charm comes from its diverse landscapes, turquoise waters, and jaw-dropping architecture. It is a country that has a mixture of European, African and Asian cultures intertwined in it.

Some of the best attractions in Turkey are the Hagia Sophia, famed as the eighth Wonder of the World, and the Topkapi Palace. You can also visit the ancient ruins at Ephesus and Hierapolis and the Pamukkale hot springs. One favourite attraction is the hot air balloon ride for exquisite aerial views of the lunarscape at Cappadocia.



Norway is one of the best countries to visit, called the land of the midnight sun. Norway is undeniably one of the best countries to visit.

The Geirangerfjord nestled between the sloping mountains is one of the most popular fjords in the world. You can also visit the Svalbard islands to see the country’s unique wildlife like polar bears, reindeer and seals. If you want true, you can visit the Lofoten islands complete with its fishermen’s cabins, and cool homes.


Samoa Islands

Samoa Islands may be a very small country but it is one of the best countries to visit and packs natural beauty immensely. It is also famous for having very hospitable citizens. Its resorts offer spa facilities with very native treatments and some arrange traditional Samoan ceremonies so you can get a sense of their culture. You can also hike up the O Le Pupu-Pui National Park or visit the Saleaaula Lava Fields near Savaii, I definitely recommend it.



Morocco is definitely one of the best countries to visit both in the world and Africa and my oh my is it exotic. It is the perfect blend of African and Arab cultures and blows your mind with posh palaces, adobe forts, and beautifully coloured houses that will leave you staring.

The Bahia, El Badi and Dar Menebhi palaces are sure to bedazzle you with their beauty, while a visit to the Hassan II and Tin Mal mosques will leave you with a tranquil and calm mind. You should also check out the famous market of Djemma el-fna Square to buy souvenirs and mementoes of your trip, you will definitely enjoy it.



Greece is a tourist’s haven as it has all the qualities complete with, archaeological sites, very nice citizens and scrumptious food. It is definitely one of the best countries to visit. Its most popular attractions include Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, and Delphi. The islands of Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos are the best when it comes to hosting tourists. I recommend you visit the monasteries at Meteora, for they will give you amazing peace of mind.



best countries to visit

Peru is truly a great country and truly is the best for those who are in love with forests and jungles. Its main attraction being the Amazon rainforests and Machu Pichui.

Another favourite attraction is the Incan ruins. Some of the activities I recommend you do is exploring the Amazon rainforest and meeting with the indigenous islanders of Lake Titicaca. You can also tour the Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA.  You can also visit famous the mystic Nazca lines.


Czech Republic

best countries to visit

This is a land-locked country in Europe that is one of the best countries to visit. It has an extensive public transport system, making it very easy to move around the country, especially its capital, Prague.

The most important attraction is The Prague Castle, the largest castle in the world in terms of area. Others include The Charles Bridge, the famous Čechův Bridge, and the Palacký Bridge, which are some of the oldest sites in the city. I also recommend The Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.



best countries to visit

The most popular country for tourism in sub- Saharan Africa is Rwanda. Volcanoes, waterfalls, and beautiful rainforests teeming with native wildlife are some of the reasons that make it one of the best countries to visit.

Other lovely places include National parks like the Akagera, Nyungwe, and Gishwati Mukura, which are a must-visit.  You can also relax and rejuvenate at the resort town of Rubavu on the shore of Lake Kivu. If you are interested in history, then you can learn about the horrifying massacre in 1994 called the Kigali Genocide Memorial.



best countries to visit

Greenland is a country famous for its fjords, icebergs, and numerous glaciers. The whole landscape of the country has an ethereal nature, especially in the regions of Ilulissat Ice fjord and Disko Bay, making it the dream destination of photographers

Another very interesting activity is Whale watching and is not to be missed.  If you are patient enough, you can also go for an Aurora Lights tour. If you happen to be a fan of the Vikings and love them, then do not miss the National Museum, you will get a detailed look and explanation at their hunting equipment, kayaks and artefacts. It is definitely one of the best countries to visit in the world


New Zealand

best countries to visit

This is a country widely praised for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is no doubt one of the best countries to visit if not the best. It has it all from well-developed cities to well-preserved wildlife sanctuaries and well-maintained clear beaches. If you are a Nature and animal lover, then I recommend you hike in the Mount Cook and Kahurangi national parks.  If you want the luxury life, you can go to the Bay Islands, sailing on the private yachts amidst the rich marine life.

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Written By: William Nwokoji





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