Shiro restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos

Shiro Lagos is located at Landmark Victoria Island, Lagos.

It’s a Japanese restaurant, with a very tall ceiling, and large spaces. The ambiance is Japanese-themed as it should be lol, with a touch of modern architecture to bring the room alive.

My first taste of Japanese cuisine, I have had a lot of Chinese meals and I can tell you Chinese meals taste very much different from Japanese meals even tho they look and are served the same way. The Best Sushi and Dumplings in lagos 😉.

To be honest, the meals are expensive especially the sushi probably because it’s one of the most sorts after Japanese restaurants in Lagos.

Shiro is quite a busy restaurant so it is hard to get the full attention of a waiter, let alone having them take pictures. Which means you might have to tell a random restaurant guest to assist you with that🤣.

For the customer service, Generally, I will say 6/10 but my waiter that day was very friendly but later he abandoned me when affluent guests came in with their families🥴

Oh yes, I love the fact that the placing of orders is digital even for dine-ins, not the manual way of a regular menu book, just scan the QR code with your mobile phone, and everything will appear on your mobile screen (all na scope to chop our money 😒). However, they could improve by adding pictures to their digital menu, which saves everyone a lot of back and forth.

Soup ranges from 1500-3000
Rice/noodles ranges from 4500-5500
Sushi ranges from 18000-21000
Dumplings ranges from 4000-7000
Desert ranges from 4000-9000
Salad ranges from 4000-5000
Lobster 10500

NB: Shiro has minimum spending policy of N15000

The price is per person, they also have varieties of other meals. They have a menu for vegetarians as well.

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