December Destination: Christmas In Calabar

Calabar is unarguably one of the best December destinations in Nigeria. I spent my Christmas holidays in Calabar a few years back and it was so much fun and an incredible experience. 

The year was 2017. I planned the trip with my bestie Quaycee but his flight from Lag was cancelled and I traveled alone from Abuja. My friends Williams and Jireh picked me up from the airport. It was a smooth flight, nothing eventful.

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Christmas In Calabar

Checked into the hotel and started my “waka waka” right away. First destination was Tinaparesort. As a first timer, I was still awed and impressed by the place. Was sad though that it was so deserted and empty.

Next day was Christmas. We took a trip to KwaFalls. It was a really chilled trip. We stopped at a roadside local bar (atimbo) and had bushmeat plantain and Palmwine. Madam Esther our hostess gave me extra meat, called me “fine boy” lol

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We did not meet the tour guide at Kwa falls because he had taken some tourists to see the falls. His son Michael, (a boy of about 10 yrs) offered to be our tour guide and we accepted. It was about 20 mins walk downhill to the waterfall.

It was a very soothing walk. I could hear the sound of the waterfall gushing from a distance, the sounds from birds calling out to each other from the trees and the sound of the trees whispering secrets amongst themselves. Such bliss.

We finally got to the river after a long but positively exhausting walk. A beautiful sight indeed: clean fresh water, thick forest vegetation untouched by humans, sweet humid air it all felt like haven.

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We decided to proceed to the foot of the waterfall. Enroute, we met Michael’s father with other tourists. He was indeed a sight to behold with amazing hair like nothing I’ve seen before. Take a look for yourself.

KwaFalls was beautiful beyond my expectation. I took other pictures of the vegetation, rock formations, some parts of the waterfall.

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On our way back to Calabar we came across several beautiful Masquerade displays. My eyes and ears were adequately fed with all the sights and sounds. The culture in Calabar is diverse, rich and beautiful

The next day, we visited this equally nice but almost dysfunctional resort. Again, I was sad to see a place with potential for tourism going to waste.

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The main carnival that year was on the 27th. The entire show went on till the next day. I loved the vibrant and beautiful colors. The young and bubbling crowd. Beautiful girls and boys all over the place.

I left Calabar for Uyo the next day and met up with Quaycee which was the highlight of this trip. I was also really excited to see the River Nwaniba in all its glory and to learn about the history of the place

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