Four Palms Residence

? 38 Libreville Crescent, Wuse

There are so many things that make me love this space. It’s truly giving “a blend of art and luxury living”. It’s such an aesthetically pleasing place with beautiful art pieces, palm trees everywhere, and oh, the greenery.

They have a restaurant/bar, gym, spa, apartments and a pool side(swimming is only open to guests). Their beautiful red piano isn’t just for aesthetics. You can actually play the piano if you can.

To dine here, you can either sit by the poolside restaurant space or inside the main residence. I sit anywhere, depending on my mood. It’s open to the public.

Their average food price ranges from N1800- N6000. Their mock tails are around N1500- 2500 and their cocktails are N4000.

It’s really a nice exclusive place to get away from reality. You can check their website on their for more info.

So what do you think about this spot?

written By: Hotperidot


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