Art and Craft Village Abuja


It was a quick stop at the Art and Craft village inside Hiltonabuja. It’s always a pleasure each time I stop by as I’m never tired of the thatched roofs and wood smell.

Here you can get handmade souvenirs , paintings and ornaments. Prices are quite fair. I also came across old money like the Biafrian pounds and some Nigerian money before the 70s.

The Biafra money costs about 2,000 per not while the Nigerian money before the 70s costs about 4,000 naira. This is definitely for history enthusiast and collectors.

It’s a nice little village and there are also tailors here.

Would you buy any of these old currencies for documentation or na?? Feel free to tag fellow tourists and history enthusiasts to this post.

Art and Craft Village Abuja

?Hiltonabuja .1
Aguyi Ironsi road. Maitama.


Written By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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