From the Garden City to the Centre of Excellence

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city.. ever busy, ever bubbling, ever alive. the city most people (Nigerians) dream of, i chose the word most because its not every Nigerian that fancy Lagos. I have come across many people that says Lagos is the last place they will ever dream of living especially people that were born and bred in Enugu (the coal city) or Abuja (the center of unity) Nigerian capital. Perhaps its because of the ever busy nature of Lagos which is very different from what you see in other Nigerian cities. Of course i understand; they live a stress free life, they enjoy the serenity and quietness of their city so most of them can not deal with Lagos traffic neither can they deal with its rush hour. well, am not here for comparison, just want to share my little travel story. I love my Port Harcourt city but i prefer Lagos. love it or hate it, Lagos is a city of dream and land of opportunities. I love the hustling spirit in Lagos and that’s why most of its millionaires are self made.
For the short while that am going to stay here, i will defiantly make the most of it because am not going to stay here for ever, the city of port Harcourt await me and my friends awaits my return but….. am not done yet, i still have a couple of places to visit and things to do before i finally say goodbye to Lagos. For now… am still a Lagos boy.
Lagos has been a great host and my sister has been so wonderful, she has really made my stay here a very memorable one. have visited a couple of really nice and interesting places but still, there are places i have not been to that i wish to visit before my departure.
Went shopping with my big sis and and her son, also stopped for ice cream… You know kid and their ice cream. denying them that is like denying a guy football (soccer) or denying a lady zee world??.
Well… it was really fun, i don’t get to do this all the time, its really not my thing but its for a change. You know a guys life revolves around game, (football), gym and hanging out with buddies when it comes to having fun but something i visit the cinema. It wouldn’t kill to just visit the cinema once in a while, i don’t know if its because am just a visitor here, the truth is that once you leave your place of abode your schedule automatically change and you start doing things you ordinarily don’t do when you are in your place of residence because if you don’t, boredom will be your next name, unless you are the type that enjoy sitting at home always.
Lagos could have been a very boring place for me if i didn’t see anywhere to play football, can you imagine what it will be like staying months without football? I don’t even want to think about it. You know… football to me is like a food, its one the things that nourishes my body, the same way some people can not stay away from food for long is the same way i cant  stay away from football. Football to me is not just for the fun of it, there are numerous benefits of playing football especially health benefit, for those that don’t play, just make out time one day to exercise your body through football. Don’t even judge me based on my size, football is not about how big you are, its how big you play. This is one of the things that has made me not to miss Ph city that much.
Oh! that was on my sisters birthday, just went out with family and friends to celebrate her day at treasure hotel, am glad i was there to celebrate that special day with her cus she is really the best.
Its still me… Peter Smith, having the best time of my life in lagos. To my guys in Ph, you guys should miss me but don’t miss me that much. Will see you all soon. bye.
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