Igbo Food: 25 Most Commonly Consumed Igbo Food

10. Akara Na Akamu:

Akara is one of the most popular breakfast staples among the Igbo of Nigeria, it’s made with a combination of bean paste, fresh onions and salt. Akara is also a great street food as sellers can be found frying them at different hours of the day. It is popularly served with Akamu (pap) or with fried yam.

Akara Na Akamu

11. Agbugbu:

Agbugbu is a  favorite dish for most locals in Enugu and most visitors tend to fall in love with this meal at first taste. Porridge made with yam and a kind of beans- Pigeon peas, a tropical and subtropical perennial legume that belongs to the family of Fabaceae. The meal is easy to make, all you have to do is cook the pigeon peas until they are soft, then gently mash and boil together with the yam and a little bit of water until the yam is cooked. It is usually accompanied with palm oil onion and pepper sauce.


12. Akidi:

Akidi is a small tiny bean seed which looks reddish or black in color, Akidi is mostly  found in the northern part of Igbo land especially in Enugu state. Akidi which is one of the legumes known for it’s high protein content is one of the local food of Enugu people. Akidi can be prepared alone with Ugba and also with yam, or abacha.


13, Ede:

Ede(cocoyam) is also one of the major food consumed by the Igbos, Ede is cooked and eaten in so many ways but he most common way the Igbos eat Ede is by preparing it with vegetable(Ede Agworuagwo or Ede Obibo) Ede Nsuru or Ede Mmanu.

igbo food

14. Ono/Ona:

Ono/Ona is one of the most nutritious of the commonly cultivated yam species. Ono which is rich in carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals when compared with other common species of yam is mostly cooked and consumed with oil, Ugba or any of the Igbo native sauce like Potash sauce.
In the south eastern Nigeria, Ono is also utilized in treatment of diabetic patience and as herb for treatment of various ailments.


15. Moi Moi:

Moi Moi is a cooked bean pudding made from combination of grounded – peeled beans, pepper, and onions. This delicious and tasty food is very popular among the Igbo and its mostly consumed with rice, Pap or Garri.

Igbo Food

16. Igba oka/Ukpo oka/Osu Oka/Moi Moi Oka:

Igba Oka also known as Ukpo oka, Osu Oka, Moi Moi Oka or Corn pudding is a very popular and special delicacy of the Igbo people. Igba Oka is more common during the corn season because its made with fresh corn although it can also be made with dried and grinded corn.

Igba oka

17. Ukpo ogede:

Ukpo Ogede is another plantain recipe popularly eaten By the Igbo people. Ukpo ogede also referred to as plantain moi moi can be made from both ripe and unripe  plantain.

How to prepare plantain moi moi

18. Agidi:

Adidi is one of the food Igbo people love the most, Agidi is made from corn flour. Agidi is mostly cooked in two way, the white one and the jollof one. Agidi Jollof is mostly eaten as a snack but you can also serve it as a light lunch or dinner


19. Agworoagwo Agwa:

Agworoagwo Agwa, meaning Beans porridge is one of the food loved and consumed by the Igbos, Agwroagwo Agwa be cooked with many thing especially Yam, Plantain and Corn and are mainly consumed with garri or Akamu.

Agworoagwo Agwa

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