Igbo Food: 25 Most Commonly Consumed Igbo Food

The Igbo people of Nigeria are known for numerous traditional food. Igbo no doubt is home to many popular Nigerian cuisines as most of the foods Nigeria is known for has its origin from Igbo land.

Below Are 25 Most Commonly Consumed Igbo Food

1. Utara na Ofe:

Utara na ofe, Commonly known as Swallow and soup is the most popular and commonly consumed Igbo food. Utara, also called Nri Onuno, can either be Akpu(fufu) Utara Ji or Nri Ji(Pounded Yam) Nni Ede (Pounded Cocoyam) or any form of swallow like, Garri, corn swallow(Nni Oka) Semo or Guinea corn swallow. Utara can be eaten with different kinds of Igbo soup ranging from Oha, Egusi and others.. Click so see Top 10 popular Igbo Soups or List of All Igbo soups

Utara na Ofe

2. Ji:

Ji(Yam) is one of the most consumed and the most Important food among the Igbos. Ji is cooked and eaten in so many ways but the most common way the Igbos eat their ji is by preparing it with vegetable. the process is called Igwo Ji or Ibio Ji and the vegetable Yam is called Ji Agworo Agwo, Other Ways the Igbo Eat their yam includes: Ji Ahrur Ahu, Ji Olulu/Orulu Ji Abubo, ji Mmanu.


3. Osikapa:

Osikapa, popularly known as rice is one of the many food eaten by the Igbo, Osikapa can be prepared in many way but the most common is Osikapa Ocha na ofe (White rice and stew) Osikapa Agworoagwo (Jollof Rice) Osikapa na Agwa (Rice and Beans. For reasons that still beats my imagination osikapa is mostly and mainly eaten on a Sunday.



4. Abacha:

Abacha, also referred to as African salad is a traditional Enugu Igbo meal of eastern Nigeria, abacha which originated from Enugu is made from cassava. Abacha can be served as an appetizer or main meal, it is mostly used to welcome visitor before serving them the main meal. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways depending on the community you visit or the home you visited. No event happens in Enugu without Abacha in the menu. Abacha can be prepared in so many ways and it’s best served with fresh palm wine.


5. Okpa:

Okpa, also referred to as king’s meal or lion’s food is a popular Igbo dish of Eastern Nigeria which originated from Enugu. Okpa is made from bambara flour gotten from bambara nut.  okpa is very easy to prepare as few ingredients are required and it takes just about 45 to 50 minutes to cook. Okpa which is mostly wrapped in banana leaves or thin white nylon bags can be gotten anywhere in Enugu as vendors sells them in virtually all the joints and parks in the state. Okpa can best be eaten with. Coke, Pap, soaked garri or tea.

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Igbo food

6. Nkwobi:

Nkwobi is a much loved delicacy in the eastern part of Nigeria, popular among the people of Enugu, Nkwobi comes in so many varieties as it can be prepared with cow meat, goat meat, stock fish or even chicken. The most popular of all nkwobi is Isi Ewu, (goat head) cow tail nkwobi, cow leg nkwobi or kpomo nkwobi. Nkwobi can be found virtually in every beer parlour in Nigeria, people mostly don’t prepare Nkwobi at home because it takes a lot of time so they prefer to buy from restaurants and local joints who cooks in large quantity, except in the case where they have many visitor. Nkwobi is best enjoyed with palm wine, beer or any other drink.


7. Ji Mmiri oku:

Ji Mmiri Oku is a yam and dried fish pepper soup porridge native to the Igbos of Nigeria.
It is a traditional meal that is usually prepared for new moms, right after putting to bed(traditionally known as the Omugwo time). It is often loaded with hot pepper, which is said to help the new mom heal faster
Igbo Food

8. Ukwa:

Ukwa is one of the popular foods eaten by the Igbo people. It is made from fresh breadfruit. The seeds are shelled, washed and cooked with crystal soda (akanwu) and water till it is soft enough for consumption. Ukwa can also be cooked with rice.

Igbo Food

9. Achicha:

Achicha is one of the local food prepared by Enugu people, Achicha which is made of dry cocoyam can be prepared with  fresh akidi, or fio fio, achicha can also be prepared alone with just scent leaf. Achicha is loved by both people of Enugu state and visitor’s  and mostly prepared by the people of Awgu,  Nsukka and Ezeagu  of Enugu state.

Achicha Igbo Food

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  • I’ve never heard of Igbo food before today. I would certainly give it a try and see if I liked it! It looks tasty.

  • omg i want all of these amazing dishes, alll of them!!! My mouth is literally watering. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • I loved learning about this food. I would enjoy sampling some of them to experience the tastes.

  • Personally they are foods that I do little and nothing, but this is absolutely the wonderful thing because now I want to learn how to make them!

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    Osikapa, Abacha, Achicha and Moi Moi look so delicious! I am feeling hungry right now thanks to these delicious dishes. Seems I should find some Nigerian hotel and grab some munches

    • Jebose Ofuani

      Looks so delicious

      • Ifeoma Anya

        Every other thing I’d right bit pls nkwobi I’d primarily from imo state. Owerti to be precise. And when you hear nkwobi it’s usually made from cow feet and cow head. Every other meat mentioned here is under ngwongwo.

  • Your post is positively making me hungry! Wonderful photo work! so very pretty and definitely delicious. I am almost feeling the smell of those dishes. NOMZ

  • This is the first time I’ve heard about the Igbo food so I’m happy that I got to learn something new. Most of the food doesn’t look extremely appetizing to me, however, given the chance I would definitely eat it.

  • Mavs Escala

    The Osikapa looks really nice. I want to try it sometime.

  • Alexandra Cook

    A lot of these dishes look really good. I would have to get my hands on this some time!

  • I would love to try any and all of the food here. It looks so colorful and delicious. I love trying out foods from different cultures.

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