Igbo Food: 25 Most Commonly Consumed Igbo Food

20. Ayaraya/Otipiri:

Ayaraya, also know as Otipiri is a popular Igbo meal, mostly common among the people of Nsukka and Udi of Enugu State.  Ayaraya are in three way. Ayaraya Ji, Ayaraya Oka and Ayaraya Ede while Ayaraya Ji and Ayaraya Oka are more common, Ayaraya Ji is made from Yam, pigeon pea, fermented African oil bean seed, palm oil, salt, pepper and onions. Ayaraya Oka is made from a blend of pigeon peas, maize, vegetable, fermented African oil bean seed(Ugba), onions, and red palm oil.

Ayaraya Otipiri

21. Awai Ogede:

Awia Ogede also called Awia Ji Oka is a meal popular among the Igbo and Delta peoples of Nigeria. Awia Ogede is a Plantain Porridge, cooked with unripe plantain, Spinach and some grilled fish.

Awai Ogede

22. Agbala Atui:

Agbala Atui, also know as Iho in some part of Igbo land is a special delicacy made melon seed(Egusi) After grinding or pounding the Egusi mixed with some ingredients it’s then wrapped with banana leaves and cooked.

Agbala Atui

23. Agwa na Oka (Akpiri Igbo):

This food combination is not just popular among the Igbo but also among the yorubas. Agwa na oka also known as Adalu among the Yoruba people is one of the mostly consumed food among the rural Igbo communities

Agwa na Oka

24. Asaja:

Asaja is a popular food among the Igbo people of Awgu, it is a specie of Kidney Beans found mostly in Awgu Asaja, although not peculiar to all the communities in Awgu is mainly cooked on a specially occasions like a child’s naming ceremony or for a special guest(s) as the food takes between 5 to 7 days to cook. it is prepared with fermented African oil bean seed(Ugba), onions, red palm oil and others.

Igbo food

25. Agwugwo oka:

Agwugwo Oka or Agwugwu Akpakpa is a popular Igbo food peculiar to the people of Awgu. Agwugwo oka is made from sliced corn and mostly prepared with Ugba(Akpaka) or fresh Akidi.

Agwugwo oka

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