Jabi Boat Club


I heard of this place from a friend who invited me to her birthday party. We hard so much fun and decided I would come back to really see the place..
Jabi boat club is a lovely double deck wooded restaurant overlooking the popular Jabi lake. With an amazing view and yummy food JBC is worth several visits. The food is a tad pricey for a small girl like me, I guess part of it was for the view. Lol
I ordered Pepper Snail #4000
Side rice #1000
Soft drink #500
The service was good and food came on time..
I asked Aisha, a staff of the restaurant, (she was very nice by the way) to show me around and she took me to their jetski which you could ride around the lake for 30minutes at #20,000. They also have a 15 seater boat, ideal for Reunions, Birthdays and other small parties. Guys you can even propose to you wife material on this boat.? It goes for #150,000 with food and drinks..
There’s also the Sandy area which was my absolute favorite (at least I can feel like I’m in Tarkwa Bay without going to Lagos lol).
This white Sandy area is very ideal for a beach photoshoot without an actual beach Duhhh! .

Brethren I had so much fun and plan to go again during there happy hour where I get 50% discount on all my order (yes I’m a cheapskate?).

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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