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My mom’s birthday was on the 4th of July, while crackling my head for where to take her to I remembered someone mentioned this place, said they have very nice seafood and cool ambience.

We got there and my mum and I were really impressed. The restaurant is very cozy and has an amazing view. There’s also an open roof bar with wooden swings and swimming pool. ??

We ordered
Tiki seafood jollof rice #5500
Grilled chicken #2.200
Spring rolls #1000
Chips #1000
Soft drinks #500
The jollof rice was particularly very nice and our order came on time too..
The manager told us they have there “HAPPY HOUR” from 6pm to 8pm and during this time, BEERS and some COCKTAILS are free (my BEST part). So if you’re looking for where to unwind and even drink a few free bottles then you might want to go check it out..
Tiki culture is located at the Shashilga courts in Mabushi. They also have one of the best KARAOKE selection.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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