Tea Room by Rukymama

TEA ROOM by Rukymama.


On a very cold Thursday I was called by my very good client @cynthiavirgoo to come take her measurements for some dresses she needed to slay. .

I arrived at hers and she was asking where she could get nice hot chocolate and cake so I suggested tea room being that I’ve been there for my birthday brunch..
I was surprised to see a new tea room. It’s been renovated and even a lot more beautiful. I recommend this place for cake lovers, “ajebor” and “ajebor wanna be” ??. “Ajekpos” should pack one side. Lol..
We ordered
Whimsical hot chocolate #1500
Banana muffins #1000
Coconut pie #1500
Over all the cakes we’re very nice likewise the tea and of course we took plenty pictures..
So Lagos people that have been peppering us with there’s, ours is better than yours *tongue out*
Tea room is located at Tulip Bristo, wuse 2, Abuja.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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