Life in My City Art Festival. “In The Midst Of Realities”.

 Its Here Again “Life In My City Art Festival (LIMCAF)”

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 Art. “A Poem Without Words”

The grand finale of  the 2017 edition of the annual Art Festival “Life In My City” has been scheduled to hold between the 23rd to the 28th of October with the Theme: IN THE MIDST OF REALITIES.  The event which is aims at discovering creative talents of youths and encouraging a sustainable livelihood through an art career. This initiative is Arguably one of the largest and the most consistent Art event in Nigeria, the initiatives continues to discover and expose young budding artists and launching them into the mainstream.

The Grand Finale features works of art from young people across the country, selected from over 600 works exhibited annually in 11 exhibition centres across Nigeria. This festival was registered as a Trusteeship in 2012 under the name Life In My City Art Initiative. The festival features visual art competition, pan-African photography contest (Photo Africa), school children’s and art teachers’ workshops, multimedia workshop and the Award and Gala Night. It is Arguably the biggest art event in Nigeria. Over 3 million Naira are won in prizes every year. It is the largest gathering of young artists, patrons, scholars, gallery owners and other stakeholders in the visual arts in Nigeria.












Life in my city art festival (LIMCAF), A Concept Worth Celebrating.

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    I wish this will be on when am in Enugu.. Will love to attend.


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