List of Different type of Igbo Soups

Igbo people has the highest number of traditional food and the most delicious food.  I will be sharing with you all different types of soups among the Igbo people. These soup can be taken with Pounded Yam, Semolina, Garri, Akpu (fufu) etc.

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1. Ofe Onugbu – Onugbu Soup How to prepare Ofe Onugbu

2. Ofe oha – Oha Soup

3. Ofe Achara- Achara Soup

4. Ofe Okwuru – Okra Soup

5. Ofe Ogbono – Ogbono Soup

6. Ofe Okazi – Okazi Soup

7. Ofe Akwu – Banga Soup

8. Ofe Egwusi – Egusi Soup

9. Ofe Owelle – Owerri Soup

10. Ofe Nsala – Nsala Soup How to prepare Ofe Nsala

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11. Ofe Elo – Mushroom Soup

12. Ofe Achi – Achi Soup

13. Ofe Ugbogoro – Ugbogoro Soup

14. Ofe Ugba – Ugba Soup

15. Ofe Anala – Anala Soup

16. Ofe Awa – Awa Soup

17. Ofe Akwukwo nri – Vegetable Soup

18. Ofe Uziza – Uziza Soup

19. Ofe Ukpo – Ukpo Soup

20. Ofe Mpoto – Mpoto Soup

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21. Ofe Akpalata – Akpalata Soup

22. Ofe Ujuju – Ujuju Soup

23. Ofe Osumada – Osumada Soup

24. Osani (Ose Ani)

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