Atrium restaurant, Utako Abuja


Atrium restaurant, Utako Abuja

The_atrium_restaurantng is a restaurant located in Utako that serves Chinese, Nigerian and  continental food. I almost thought this was a new restaurant but it’s actually Kungfu Restaurant. The space is now redecorated and definitely cleaner and more classy.

I had lunch with a friend last week and we had:
Virgin Daiquiri N1,000
Lemon Tea N500
Vegetable Spring Rolls N1,000
Samosa N1,200
Margarita Pizza N1,500
Shrimp Fried Rice N2,500

Atrium restaurant, Utako Abuja

Our top favorites were the vegetable spring rolls, which were crunchy on the outside and so tasty! We got 4 pieces for N1,000 which was impressive! The shrimp fried rice was another favorite! So flavorful and packaged with pieces of shrimp. The samosas was also good but the spring rolls was preferred. As for the pizza well…it was actually nice but definitely not a pizza. I tasted barbecue sauce in the pizza and the pizza bread was more like biscuits but it was actually good. Perhaps they could consider changing the name. But then for N1,500 we got what we paid for and should I say even more.

We can safely say that the daiquiri was definitely not a daiquiri based on the colour alone. It was drinkable definitely but then for the price of N1,000 what were we really expecting? The lemon tea was tasty and a hit for me especially at the price.

Atrium restaurant, Utako Abuja

The service was somewhat slow, the waitress who attended to us appeared mostly uninterested. The food could definitely come out faster too.

Overall it’s a pretty space with affordable food in Utako, I’ll definitely be revisiting, probably at night. The air is cooler and the space actually comes more alive in the evening.

Alibro Atrium, No 32 Ekukinam Street, Utako Abuja

Have you been to the The_atrium_restaurantng recently? What did you think?


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