Best Foods to eat in Australia

You are about to get an in-depth look into the very best foods to eat in Australia if you should ever visit the country, they are sure to leave you wowed after tasting them

They are:


Barramundi is a quintessential Australian fish that’s served in restaurants all over the country but is particularly common in Sydney. Native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific, barramundi is a hardy species. They are naturally high in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and can be easily farmed without the use of antibiotics or hormones. It is definitely one of the best foods to eat in Australia

They’re also a great source of lean protein with a gentle, mild flavour and toothsome texture, and it is virtually impossible to overcook. Like common types of whitefish, barramundi lacks a strong odour and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Sydney rock oyster

The Sydney rock oyster is a culinary jewel of the Australian coast. Though its taste can differ by habitat, the Sydney rock oyster has a deep, rich, and lasting sweetness that differentiates it from other oyster varieties. It has a mineral intensity and copper-like finish that can be enjoyed raw, roasted, or shallow-fried in a light batter for seasonal or regional nuances.

The distinctive flavours of the Sydney rock oyster pair well with fine wine or bacon and Worcestershire sauce, which brings out the briny notes that complement the fatty richness of cured pork and elaborate its detail as one of the best foods to eat in Australia.

Australian Prawns

The balmy climate and year-round sunshine bring a bounty of lush seafood, including sweet, succulent prawns that come in different varieties with unique flavours. King prawns have a sweet, rich flavour and moist flesh that’s perfect for a cocktail dish with dipping sauces, though they can be prepared in a variety of different recipes.

Tiger prawns are a beautiful and delicious variety with a medium flavour, often added to soups or paired with mayonnaise or aioli. Most prawn species are great either battered and crumbed or used in tempura dishes, or combined with other regional ingredients for casseroles, paellas and laksas. When served these amazing prawns, you will testify that they are one of the best foods to eat in Australia.

Avocado on Toast

Avocado is a nutritious staple in many Australian recipes, especially for breakfast. Avocado is often mashed onto 1, 2, or 3 slices of toasted, crusty bread for a morning dose of fat and flavour that’s different from butter or margarine.

Avocado may be combined with feta cheese, sprinkled with sesame seeds, drizzled with olive oil, or topped with poached eggs for a unique blend of flavours. You may also find avocado on toast served with black sesame and beetroot hummus, adding some strong flavours and additional nutritional benefits to your breakfast.

Bacon and Eggroll

Bacon and eggs for breakfast is a British tradition that influenced Australian mornings, but the dish has been transformed into a portable breakfast snack that’s distinctive to the city or region.

In Sydney, the bacon and egg roll may be combined with caramelized onions and fresh tomato relish served on an artisan bread roll and filled with grains or seeds. They can also be stuffed with smoked bacon and a fried egg on fresh-baked bread. Whichever way it’s prepared, the bacon and egg roll is a quintessential breakfast food that pairs nutrients with local flavours for a hearty, satisfying morning meal. It is one of my personal favourites and one of the best foods to eat in Australia


A beloved local delicacy that is considered the national cake by many, the lamington is a moist, sweet square of sponge cake that’s soaked in rich chocolate sauce and rolled in flaky coconut.

Lamingtons can be found in a variety of cakes at bakeries using creative twists on the classic recipe. Some bakeries prefer to add jam and cream to the centre for a sweeter flavour and richer texture, or topped with salted caramel or dulce de leche for an indulgent dessert. If you should ever visit Australia, make sure you sample this food; it is truly worthy of its position as one of the best foods to eat in Australia.

Potato Cake

The fried potato cake is a common staple that is loved by many Australians for its rich, crispy outer shell and soft, airy inside. The mild flavours of fried potato also pair well with a variety of other staples, such as smoked salmon, eggs and avocado, making it suitable for any meal.

In some restaurants and takeaways, fried potato cakes may be used as an accompaniment for fish and chips, often using the same batter recipe to add layers to the flavour experience. It is the best food to eat in Australia




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Written By: William Nwokoji



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