Tourist Attractions in Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State is indeed blessed with many places endowed with naturally beautiful features. The environment is unique in nature and, hence, attracts people for sightseeing and relaxation. Some of these places are fully developed while others are receiving attention from both the State and Federal governments. The following are some of the tourism destinations within the State.

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The Abakaliki Green Lake: It is located right inside Government House. Small huts are built there for relaxation and for visitors to admire the many wonders of nature.

The Abakaliki Golf Course: The environment is naturally beautiful and equipped for games by golf players. It is equally located at Abakaliki, the State capital.

The Amusement Park: This park is wonderfully made as a relaxation spot especially for children. It is well equipped to serve the purpose. It is a place you cannot afford to miss as a visitor to Ebonyi State. It is also located at Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State.


Amanchor Cave: The cave Is located at Amanchor in Afikpo South. The Cave is about 4 kilometers long. Plans are underway to develop this cave, as it is capable of attracting visitors to the site from within and outside the country. The Golden Sand Beaches at Ndibe, Ozizza and Unwana (all in Afikpo zone of the State) and Oferekpe Beach in Ikwo LGA of the State are all tourism destinations in the State.

Mkpuma Ekwa Oku Rocks: These are rocks naturally shaped like eggs. These rock formations have been there for ages. They are located at Ndieze Community in Izzi Local Government Area.


Okposi Salt Lake: This is located at Okposi in Ohaozzara LGA. The economic importance of this lake is enormous. It has served as the economic base for most of the rural women in the area.

Abakaliki Greater Rice Husks: This is located at Abakaliki, the State capital, precisely at the rice mill industry. During rice production, the rice husks are piled into heaps, which makes them look like sand dunes in the desert. Slave Market/Route at Ezza North/South: This is one of the legacies of the infamous trade on human cargo that took place In Africa.

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