Tinapa- The story of Sunrise and Sunset

Like all good innovations and facilities in our country Nigeria, we can only hope and pray for it’s maintenance and continuous service and functionality.
The story of Tinapa is currently the story of a wrinkled old lady trying to relive or share the tales of her glory days when she was Beautiful, Vibrant and full of Life.
Tinapa is a business and leisure resort located North of Calabar municipality, Cross River State Nigeria, it is associated with the Calabar Free Trade Zone.
Tinapa was a major competitor for No 1 family friendly vacation location in Nigeria. It prides itself with unbeatable facilities, endearing landscapes and amazing scenery. A well thought out establishment that has facilities for retail and wholesale activities as well as leisure and entertainment.

Tinapa- The story of Sunrise and Sunset

It’s facilities includes;
1. A waterpark/ leisure land
2. For consumers, the resort sits on approximately 80,000 square metres (860,000 sq ft) of lettable space for retail and wholesale made up of four emporiums of 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft) each, smaller shops, and warehouses.
3. A casino
4. Digital cinema
5. Children’s arcade
6. Intercontinental restaurants
7. A mini amphitheater
8. Night club and pubs
9. An artificial tidal lake that feeds from the Calabar River

Business facilities includes;
10. An open exhibition area for trade exhibitions and other events
11. A movie production studio commonly called Tinapa Studios
12. A 243-room international three star Hotel
13. A truck terminal powered by an independent power plant.
-wiki assist.

Tinapa- The story of Sunrise and Sunset

Hope for Tinapa

Could there be Hope for the once Majestic Tinapa?
Newspapers like;
Punch, Jun 21, 2018
Headline: “TINAPA: A N60bn investment gone moribund”

The Sun, Aug 6, 2019
Headline: “Tinapa: Portrait of waste”

… tells tales of how Tinapa is now a ghost of itself.

The Business Traveller, June 26, 2020
Headline: “Tinapa Resort: Cross River’s N60bn moribund investment takes baby steps in journey back to life”

I guess the Sun though tarries, might one day Rise again for Tinapa.
In all, there is Hope! ?

Tinapa- The story of Sunrise and Sunset

My Prayer
1. I wish that the beauty and splendor of Tinapa can be restored or the resources converted.
2. I wish Nigeria will develop a better management culture towards our infrastructures and facilities.
3. I wish Nigeria can begin to harness the power of tourism and by so doing develop all sites of tourism to meet and effectively compete with international standards.
4. I wish security no longer exists as a major concern hampering tourism in Nigeria.

The End!

1. Have you ever been to Tinapa?
2. What year did you visit and what was your experience?
3. If you haven’t been, will you like to visit, if nothing but to see things for yourself?

Written by: Amarachi

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