List of Popular Yoruba Foods

Yoruba is one of the biggest tribes in Nigeria. These people have a very well developed culture including food. Most Yoruba foods are usually a blend of different colored food elements, it is always a pleasant sight to behold, that’s the way the Yorubas like to eat, they like a combination of soups/stew/ assorted meat plus eba or pounded yam.

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If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. What you find below is a typical Yoruba food.

1. Ewedu:

This is the most popular Yoruba soup. You can find there Ewedu leaves, crayfish, and many unique spices. The Ewedu broom makes the taste of a dish really unique. Ewedu is good to be served with Semo, Amala or Eba.

2. Ewa Agoyin:

Ewa means beans, and Agoyin is a dish belonging to the inventors of this tasty dish. The beans should be cooked to the state of a soft paste and then mashed. The feature of the dish is a sauce of palm oil, ground crayfish, and dried pepper.

3. Iresi Eyin:

Iresi is translated as a riсe from Yoruba language, Eyin is Palm nut fruit. Also, it can be translated as egg, it depends on pronunciation.You don’t need much for the preparation, just mix all necessary ingredients and make it simmer.

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4. Amala:

Classical Yoruba dish made out of cassava flour or yam.You should blend the yam flour into a smooth texture. Amala has dark brown color it is because of dry yam pieces. It is served with different soups, for example with Ewedu or Gbegiri.

5. Dodo:

One of the most favorite Yoruba tribe food. The dish is simple: fried pieces of plantain with salt. You can serve it as the main dish or just as snack. Simple but tasty – a perfect combination for meal.

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6. Asun:

It is considered a finger food. The recipe is simple and available – fried goat meat with a big amount of pepper. It has a breathtaking aroma. And for those who like to eat meat dishes, its taste would be unforgettable.

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