Lagos Bistro Abuja New Menu Review

NEW NATIVE MENU Lagosbistro ????Abuja.

Lagos Bistro recently launched a new food and drinks menu so we went I check it out.

We ordered:

Phase 1 (Abula). (Amala, Ewedu +gbegiri and assorted meats) 6500 naira
Abacha with Titus fish and veggies: 9000 naira

Review Of Lagos Bistro

Isi ewu: 8000.


Palmwine cocktail
Agbalumo cocktail
EKO 99.9

Firstly I was super impressed with the Amala here, it was “bukka delicious “ I also loved the presentation, very cute, making it my favorite dish from their menu. Their Abacha was also very good and the dish choke ????. You have to agree that their puff puff is the best especially when it’s very hot.

I’m also loving their new drinks menu, my favorite was the Eko99.9, this drink is very deceitful, it is really sweet but also very strong. A glass of it is capable of knocking you out ????. Their agbalumo drink was also very nice, recommended if you’re not into strong drinks.

Review Of Lagos Bistro

The highlight for me was seeing the Eyo masquerade, this one was an ajebor masquerade o, E no knack me stick like those ones in Lagos.

Altogether it was a beautiful experience. Have you visited Lagosbistro lately? Do check them out and let me know what you think.

???? 7 Hombari street, Wuse Abuja.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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